I have been dealing with hives since March 2019

Hello! New here. Hoping to see what everyone else has to say. My name is Brandi I’m 25 and I’ve been dealing with hives since March 2019. I’ve been to murmurous of doctors and they all say it’s hives but they of course don’t know what from. So they put me on steroids and had me starting to take Zyrtec and Zantac 1 a day. Then my family doctor finally referred me to an allergy doctor because they got worse. They thought it was stress related so he started me on a anxiety pill but nope that wasn’t it.
Finally my allergy appointment.. she tested me for EVERYTHING. Wasn’t allergic to a dang thing. She also tested me for auto immune disease and everything there was good. My blood work was good. So now she’s saying I have chronic hives and they don’t know what they are caused from.
So she started me on the Xolair shot I’m getting a shot in each arm every 2 weeks because my case is so bad. She said it’s the worst she’s ever seen. But she said this shot should work because every patient she’s had who has had chronic hives it makes it go away. I’m hoping that’s the case. I’ve only had the shot twice. I’ve also been to the emergency room twice this month because one I’m allergic to predizone and then another one my hives just took over. But on top of the shot I’m on dexamethasone and Zyrtec 4 times a day and Zantac 2 times a day and Singular 1 time a day.
Below is what I’ve been dealing with for 6 months now any suggestions or ANYTHING AT all would be helpful

I have been dealing with hives since March 2019


Charity Hertzler I highly would suggest that you journal everything that you ingest fir a few weeks. It really helped me narrow down some of my triggers after I’d given up on doctors that could do nothing except tell me they don’t know. Aspirin, ibuprofen, artificial sweeteners will all cause for me the severe angioedema that you are showing in the photos. My other suggestion would be to try to cut out anything that has preservatives for the next several days. When I get like this I find that a marginal fast helps and the irritant that is triggering the attack takes a few days to leave my body. Even with medicine unless you can get to the root of the cause, which is where journaling may help, it will keep happening. Good luck I wish you the best

Kristi Thompson Moore I have been in the exact situation as you… covered from head to toe for months at a time with angioedema every morning. Every test the doctors ran came back normal, so there was no help. It’s miserable. Search this group for my original post. I sought the help of a nutritionist during my last outbreak and the cleanse / diet plan she put me on cleared it up completely in about 2 weeks.

Brandi Alexandria McCarty Kristi Thompson Moore It’s the most frustrating thing I’ve ever been through, so I know exactly how you feel! I’m copying & pasting the post I made in this group earlier this summer with what has helped me. If anything, give the green smoothie a try before ordering the cleanse to see if it provides you any relief. I hope you can find some relief soon!

I’m new to this group, but wanted to share my experience with CIU and what has finally helped me find some relief. For 23 years, I’ve battled episodes of hives. Once I have a flare up, the hives last between 6-8 months. It is pure misery. My eyes swell, my lips swell, my feet and hands swell, and I’m covered from head to toe in hives. The only medicine to give me temporary relief is prednisone. My doctors have tested me for everything and they cannot find a cause for my hives. So, during my last episode several years ago, I decided to try a different route and see a nutritionist. She said that my hives were most likely the result of issues in my gut. So, she put me on a detox plan. Within 2 days, I was 50% better. Within 2 weeks, the hives were completely gone. Fast forward to this past week and I woke up covered in hives. As I mentally tried to prepare myself for 6-8 months of suffering, I decided to try the detox again. The hives were gone within 2 days!!!

If I can help just one person suffering from this terrible condition, I’ll share this detox plan a million times over. This may not work for everyone and you should always consult your doctor first. But, when all else fails and the doctors have done all they can for you, this may give you some relief. It has worked wonders for me!

My Detox Plan:

Take one packet of Tiao He Cleanse in the morning on an empty stomach with 2 glasses of water. 15 minutes later, drink a green smoothie.

Take one packet of Tiao He Cleanse at night on an empty stomach with 2 glasses of water. 15 minutes later, drink a green smoothie.

You eat regularly during the day, but I try to get in 3 smoothies throughout the day and I avoid sugar and red meat as much as possible while on this detox. I also try to have an abundance of green leafy vegetables.

Smoothie recipe:

Blend the following:
2 cups of water
2 handfuls of spinach
1 handful of parsley
1 Granny Smith apple
1 cucumber
Sometimes, I’ll throw in a banana to sweeten it.

This recipe will make enough for 3 smoothies throughout the day. I keep mine in my blender in the refrigerator and just blend it thoroughly before each serving. Otherwise, it gets a little gritty.

Again, this may not be a plan for everyone, but it really has worked wonders for me. After being told by multiple doctors that there wasn’t anything else they could do for me, I was willing to try anything to find some relief and I finally did!

Brandi Alexandria McCarty This one??

Kristi Thompson Moore Brandi Alexandria McCarty yes! The Tiao He Cleanse combined with the green smoothie cleared mine right up when nothing else worked. Each box of the cleanse lasts for 14 or 15 days. I did two boxes and remained on the green drink regimen for several months because I was so scared of having another flare up. After the cleanse, I went 7-8 years before I had another flare up. The nutritionist I worked with said that a lot of people have a yeast overgrowth in their digestive tract and the yeast releases toxins into our system. The hives are our bodies’ way of letting us know something is off. I was skeptical at first, but since I have no known allergies and all my tests came back normal, I was willing to try anything. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. I don’t know if it will work for everyone, but it worked for me! I hope you can find some relief soon.

Anmaria Djong Brandi Alexandria McCarty thank you for sharing Even with spinach and banana (that release high Histamine..your hives cures)..amazing. will try for my 9 yr old daughter.

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