hi I have been dealing with these hives since I was 6 months old. Any advice?

I have been dealing with these hives since I was 6 months old. Any advice?

I have been dealing with these hives since I was 6 months old. I have to take antihistamines every day because otherwise it just accelerates until literally my whole body is swollen (sometimes my eyes even swell shut.) My issue is that the antihistamines I’ve been taking have stopped working. I’ve been taking Allegra most days but at this point I can’t get through the whole day without taking a supplementary benadryl and nasacort. Any advice?


Leslie Ann Schwarzer Have you tried Cetirizine (i.e. Zyrtec) yet?

Ellana Jo Gossett I had to switch to zertec because allegra and other antihistamines weren’t working

Renee Parker Kerluke I’m using Blexten which is very effective. It’s prescription.

Alexandra Lafayette Newman yes i have, i actually became immune to it i think because it stopped working as well .and thank you Renee I will ask my doc about it

Lisa Benard Christensen I was there. None of the 24 hr ones worked anymore and then i had to take 2 benedryl every 4 hrs. I was scared for my long term side effects. Then i added quercetin, vit d, a good multi vitamin and cbd oil. I was able to cut out my benadryl after a couple weeks and then just take one reactine!
I have a green card now and switched to low dose thc cbd oil and between that and possibly my iron supplementation i have gotten down to a half reactine and am currently contemplating stopping the reactine every other day or at least once or twice a week.

Alexandra Lafayette Newman thanks for the advice! green card definitely helps, especially for my other chronic illnesses. i don’t take much cbd though, i’ll definitely increase it. what is quercetin?

Lisa Benard Christensen It is an antioxidant vitamin. Related to b vitamins i think (memory blip.. might be vit c actually o.O)
You can get it at health food stores in capsules. Made a huge difference for me! I think, because the hives are a faulty immune process, the cbd is best for helping as it fills a niche some people otherwise cant fill (bodies dont always function properly to fulfill cannabinoid needs)
The thc helps activate the cbd and it also calms the mind and body and cools rhe overreaction. This is my theory and it seems to be enough for my mind lol as it works for me. Even if it is placebo effect , i will take it!

Alexandra Lafayette Newman thanks!!

Brandy Irie I have to take 2 Zyrtec and 2 Zantac a day and I still occasionally need a benadryl here and there.  I was told to add an H2 blocker to a long term H1

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