I have been experiencing hives symptoms since 2 years

I can’t believe I didn’t think about joining a support group for my CIU sooner. I’ve been experiencing symptoms but wasn’t officially diagnosed until October of last year. I’ve done the regular run around with doctors of see this specialist and see that specialist and have been on a couple different meds now. Hydroxizine was the one I was on the longest and it made me a little drowsy but the biggest my dermatologist failed to mention it would make my hair thin!! I quickly got off that one and am not just taking Benadryl twice at night and twice during the day when I need it. Going to (another) dermatologist to start Xolair shots on June 1 and getting birth control today since I have my worst flares the two or three days before my menstruation. Prayers would greatly be appreciated as I will be devastated if I still have hives on my wedding day next June!! I even had them on my first ever day of teaching in January. On my face too. Very, very embarrassing.

hives symptoms


Lysa Cotterill I can totally feel your misery… and it sucks

Sue Elshire Hargrave So glad you are here, Morgan! I am also a teacher (retired as of February), and know this can be so difficult to have while trying to be active with children in the classroom. You will find that people on the site are loving and caring! You are in the right place!

Ann Morgan oh no that is so bad hun hopre they go soon i spray clothes starch spray on my hives it cools them so quickly xx

Vix Bluetoes It’s hard to live with, we all know that here! X

Ana Garcia I am a HS teacher. Best thing I did was educate my students about CU and angioedema. At least they know if I’m not there I am swollen somewhere. People need to know. Feel better

Morgan Alyssa Magelssen Thank you everyone! I’ll have to try that!

Debra Teter Wilcutt I always have it surrounding my neck like that…in my hair hardly ever below my waist

Adriana Bejarano This is exactly what mine looks like. I know it comes in different shapes and sizes on some people. But this is exactly what mine looks like as well. Im so sorry, I feel your pain. I went to the dermatologist where they did a biopsy. And come to find out I have Urticaria Vasculitis.

Lisa Costantini Zuli your story sounds so much like mine and your hives present themselves just like mine as well. I am also a teacher and understand how embarrassing it can be. I also was getting married when this all started and worried a lot about the wedding day. Fortuntely I went into remission when I was pregnant with my first. All the best this is a great group.

Randi Harrison This is how mine appear on me. Especially the hands. I’m a casino dealer and it’s very uncomfortable for me when people see it. Sometimes my hands gets so swollen it feels like my skin is going to burst open. When the swelling goes down my skin peels. Does that happen to you?

Morgan Alyssa Magelssen Randi, I have a part time job as a bank teller so I understand the pain in the hands!! Ugh no mine don’t peel but I’m so sorry you have to deal with it.

Cristine Kreplick I have no ovaries, no menstruation, so that doesn’t effect me. BUT, my normal warning about overdoing the Benadryl and antihistamines stands please research antincholinergic toxicity. I wasn’t taking “all that much” and I wound up in ER and admitted.

Michelle McFadden Mine look like yours too

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