I have been feeling fed up with hives

Well this is a first!! Tonight I had a takeaway curry (not the first time and also have had one before from this particular curry house) Within 15 minutes I had new hives back on my arms, an hour or so later I felt the ‘itch’ and realised I had a huge red hive on my tummy!!
I have been feeling fed up with hives as it was this week – not because they are particularly bad (I’ve had them far worse) just feel fed up I think …..
Never really identified a specific cause but think I must have reacted to something I ate tonight!


Rachel McKernan I’m sorry. By the way. Love your name. Our youngest’s name also.

Letitia Broadstock Drabsch Oh I am so sorry. That is sooooo painful…. I can empathise totally. Pop an ice pack on it. Mine gets sooooo hot. Take a couple extra anti-hystamines. Good luck hun.

Marcela Alexova Isn’t this more like an allergic reaction to a food? I had very similar looking rash all over belly area after eating dry banana chips – apparently it was reaction to sulfites.

Ina Wood Curry would have done the same to me. Spices are yikes for me

Verity Wood It’s never happened before so no idea. I think it must be some type of reaction to the curry but no idea what or why, it just happened so soon after. And this morning (having been awake quite a bit through the night) I have lots of hives, hoping I can stay on the 10mg prednisone I have cut down to!!

Linda McKellar So sorry. Understand completely how you feel.

Verity Wood Thank you- fortunately the tablet concoction seems to be working and the pain/itch is subsiding, no need for a 3rd prednisone

Karen Burns Happens to me too. I try to stay away from ethnic food takeout even though I love it.

Virginia Lambton it could have ben any of the ingredients tbh but msg – monosodium glutamate (very common in chinese food) is a huge trigger for some people – curry can also have sulphites in it too. the takeaway probably won’t give you the ingredients either – if they did they you might be able to work out one of your triggers 🙁 be careful – someone i know lost their brother to an asthma attack shortly after eating a takeaway – his family never made the connection as it took a few hours for the allergic symptoms to kick in but i’ve always believed something in the chinese takeaway triggered it – and he had been ok with that takeaway’s food before so even if you do think you’re safe the ingredients can change at any time or contain traces of something you’re allergic to.

Verity Wood It has certainly made me think 😔. So difficult when you really have no idea what is triggering the hives.

Virginia Lambton Verity Wood sometimes there isn’t a trigger – but with your reaction being so sudden i’d deffinetly think you’ve eated (or even drank) something you’re allergic to

Verity Wood I agree for this outbreak, it was just so quick. However I was in the midst of a hive outbreak already, just not so bad and it coincided with a week into the drop from 15 to 10mg prednisone which had triggered a few more hives than normal. I have an appointment at gp this week so will be interesting to know their thoughts. What is most strange is that I have had takeaway curry (and Chinese) for years without a reaction, including the months since I developed the Urticaria.

Lynn Virgillio Bitz Years ago when I had it bad like u I was put on a diet of white rice, water and chicken. NO SEASONINGS. Nothing. I would burn the chicken In the pan to give it more flavor because you know what chicken taste like without seasoning or frying. nothing! Bland. Anyway my Point is that it didn’t help at all. While some reactions might be to foods I think the majority of this urticaria is not.

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