I have been getting hives everyday since February

I have been getting hives everyday since February, I use E45 itch cream, take 4 Piriton 2x180g Fexofenadine daily and use witch hazel when all else fails and also just finished a month course of Montelukast all combined I get some itch relieve to get through a “normal” working day but in the evening and first thing in the morning it’s a nightmare, waiting list for dermatologist is 6 months would be wonderful to think it would be gone by then 😉 here’s this morning episode.

I have been getting hives everyday


Tammy Tj Perdue Rees Your story is so similar to mine. I started begining of Feb. I have taken the same meds and am waiting 6 mos to get into dermatologist. I was briefly on Prednisone to get through our son’s wedding. I am up miserable itching tonight. Nights and morning are the worst! I am getting so depressed. I want my life back. Will these ever go away???

Eric Tay was wondering what if Stop taking food that contain sugar.

Paula Rigley If you drink celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach that will help your liver so much as it will detox the liver that’s over loaded with toxins. My mum had them daily. She started drinking celery juice and they have stopped. Also helps to change they way we eat. Plant based. All fruit and vegetables avoids dairy and red meat. Eggs too.
My mum and I have both noticed eliminating red meat we don’t wake up swollen.
A lot of what I’ve learnt is from the medical medium and he has a Facebook page loaded with factual information.

Elaine King Sarah …. I take the same as you except at this stage I take 7-9 piriton at night to try and sleep … have you tried Eurax cream it’s good for dealing with that itch

Sarah King Hi, yes I found it in Tesco it seemed to merge to “rash” so I moved over to witch hazel in a lotion and gel form

Paula Rigley I agree with the eurax Cream. That really helped me.

Jessica Trimble I was a pin cushion for months. Started Xolair and cut out gluten, been almost hive free 7 months, just random small patch break outs here and there or a couple hives. I’m also still taking zyrtec, zantac 3 times a day. So that’s the only things that helped me and I’ve had hives for a little over a year.

Tammy Thomas Suire 36 years here Remissions when I was younger but it always came back. Now I have not had a remission in 7 yrs. but I refuse prednisone and too many antihistamines because it tends to build to,erance abd need more. I use aloe Vera gel and ice packs. Miserable condition

Sarah King Oh my word, it’s only been 6 months and it’s seems to affect my every waking hours you are very strong to have coped for so many years

Tammy Thomas Suire Sarah King it used to go away after a few months and come back in about 5 yrs. so it was nit as bad as now. I did t even know antihistamines helped back then. The drs were even more clueless back then I am glad I didn’t know about the antihistamines because now that I do I’m convinced they on,y prolong and make condition worse. Butwhat are we to do for relief?

Elaine Kilgore I use lavender and almond oil . It helps with itch.

Myra M Buckley So sorry, I know your missery😢

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