I have been getting urticarial vasculitis for over a year now

I have been getting hives for over a year now and was wondering if mine could be urticaria vasculitis. These have been on my arm for 1 week and 3 days. They leave a brownish color behind. I also have muscle pain and fatigue. Thanks!


Kristina Evans I stopped caffeine and mine have gone away for 3 days I have had the hives over a year. Try it.

Aprile Woolcock I had this to and went gluten and dairy free!!!! Hive free now [ fingers crossed] 5 months!!!

Jodie Curtis Diet really helps! The only way to find out if you have Urticaria Vasculitus is to get a skin biopsy. I had it done and found out I do have HUV – it’s pretty rare but definitely worth checking into. Since it’s only been a week & a half, they may clear up all on their own. Check out the low histamine diet and get plenty of rest. Topically Calendula gel is great for relief and not harmful. You can get it at any healthFood store. Good luck! I hope they disappear!

Linda Frigo McDaris My hives last up to 3 weeks and leave the dark mark where the hives were. I’ve been on Xolair for 2 years. It was a miracle at first now durning the summer I may get one or two spots but much better than the 15 to 20 I used to get year round.

Brenda Weaver I read that a the vasculitis (inflamed blood vessels) diagnosis is determined by examining skin with microscope, so your doctor can determine that. Good luck!

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