I have been having a very rough time lately with these blasted hives

I have been having a very rough time lately with these blasted hives! Yesterday I ended up in the ER, as I was so covered, and had a 101 degree temp. Hives everywhere! My face was so swollen, and even got this nasty shine to it..like the skin was stretching too much. They gave me the usual; Epinephrine, Benadryl and Hydroxyzine. Immedicately, the hives reduced in redness..but I am still stuck with the hives everywhere. You all can relate! You know what I look like from my profile picture – here’s with the angio-edema and hive, that continue on today! You really have to laugh here, as it’s so absurd!!! I have to laugh about it – because I do look pretty outrageous!!! (but it feels horrible to be covered all over and have it in your face, voice box, throat, etc.) I’ll be medicated until the go AWAY!


Ruth Galea Hope you’ll be better soon xxx Been hard for me too lately…I hope that all your swelling and hives go down fast xxx

Karen Shectman Oh my Sue. I am sorry for your suffering. I hope you get some relief soon.

Dawn Murray Does anyone ever get all the swelling but minimal hives?y swelling has been worse for few weeks whilst hives themselves a bit better

Kirsty Waight I still get outbreaks of the angioedema while the hives are suppressed by immunosuppresants… sometimes it all still comes at once though of coure

Carmel Spencer O darling I hate it when it hits me on the face please get better soon xxoo

Julia Evans I have hives almost everywhere but not on my face ever, hope you feel better soon that must feel horrendous.

Sue Elshire Hargrave I knew you’d all understand! The facial edema is going down, but I am still having chills from the fever. I am looking forward to having it leave me alone for awhile! I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers! This is such a wonderful group of people. Someday, I’d like to give you all a big hug! Dawn Murray – Yes, I have had angio-edema with very few hives, and that is more of what I’m used to…not both raising their ugly heads at the same time! I know this is going to sound weird, but as you share your photos, somehow it is validating to know that others also have this issue! I don’t wish in on anybody, but I really feel validated when I see the photos that you posted today, and in times before when members have shared, so Kirsty Waight and Dawn Murray, I can empathize fully! Jennifer Trimble Van Haitsma, I would love to be able to take steroids in cases like these, but I have had 3 life-threatening situations each time I have tried it. I allowed a doctor to talk me into an infusion of it in my back when I slipped some discs in my back….that was the third time, and now he believes me. I should never have listened to him! Paula Burden-Cairney, it’s a weird thing, but I just can’t help but laugh when I see my face like that…it’s sooo surreal! But you are right – it isn’t anything to laugh at, as it is itchy and painful, and just demoralizing. For some weird reason, I just look at me, and laugh. Maybe I do it so I don’t end up crying! Jamie Frederick, I have no idea if that is the cause. Since researchers can’t figure this out, you know it’s go to be really difficult to figure out! We should be hopeful, though! There is research going on, and someday not only will researchers know why it happens, but will be able to make our lives much more “live-able! I woman that I weld with is a researcher at a primate research center. She gets a lot of guff from people who find out what she does. She talks about how important is is to work toward making a difference in for humans through this research. Thank you all for your support – you are wonderful!!!!

Yvonne Visée Clohessy I’m glad you’re getting a little relief. You so do NOT deserve this. No one does. Too bad we all live so far apart, it has helped me tremendously meeting you, talking to you. So glad to have found this group. Even though tons of drugs are keeping mine away, I dread the day they stop working. Hopefully that new drug will go into trials soon and that it helps you Sue and the rest of us. Sending positive thoughts your way.

Robert Jones so sorry you hurt. hoping for you, a quick recovery. when it hurts that bad even sleep is not possible. take all your blockers.

Katrina Li Charriere I am so sorry 🙁 so far I’ve only experienced mild overall puffiness with the hives but my bladder swells up big with them (I have Interstitial cystitis). I get covered head to toe in itchy spots though. I hope you feel much better soon!

Letrice Alexandria Walton OMG I’ve never had an outbreak happen as bad as this! (*knocks on wood*) I pray I never do and I also hope u get better soon! I can’t imagine the discomfort u must be in right now. How scary, this doesn’t even look like u 🙁 take it easy!!!

El Fraser Know the camp song too – and Gene – get over yourself… guys have no idea (lol). Tough enough when you are older, most body parts are located on a different continent! But to not be able to use the usual underwear to stabilize the location! pfffft Especially when we now have “shapewear” that is so lovely… really pretty and really comfy – and yet I can’t even tolerate that: if I wear it I can be sure to be “ringed” with bigger hives for more days. When I have days with “lip” – I always say to folks it would not BE as bad, if it was both lips, then I’d have the Angelina J look. It’s never balanced of course and the rest of the face is always at least… partly puff pastry!

Belle Creolina Awwww Sue! I am so sorry. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Hope you find some relief soon

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