I have been hive free for two weeks so I am doing something right.

I think my hives are from parasites.

I have had horrific hives for the last year and I posted a few weeks ago that I had gotten a parasite test that came back positive for a large amount of the parasite blastocystis hominis. I gave myself an intense natural parasite detox including a three day celery juice cleanse along with every supplement parasites hate. I have only had two single hives pop up in the last two weeks and that was because I had backed off on my anti-parasite supplements the day before.
I am currently having a broader spectrum parasite test done now to see what else is going on. I am still having to take the anti-parasite natural supplements every day or my skin starts crawling. Im currently seeing a gastroenterologist that treats parasites because I may need a few rounds of prescribed parasite meds.To think that all my hive suffering could have been from parasites. Either way, I have been hive free for two weeks so I’m doing something right.


Rachel Weinberg
Was this a stool test?

Jen Foglia
Rachel Weinberg yes

Caroline Wilkinson
My goodness! This must me scary! How do you get these parasites in you?

Jen Foglia
Each parasite has a different means of entering the body

Jen Foglia
Each species I mean

Layla Smith
What supplements? I’m having success with that as well.

Kelli Herbster
I would love to know what you used as well!

Layla Smith
Black seed oil. And the BALI diet as closely as possible. Also my vitamin D was low and my thyroid.

Layla Smith
Kelli Herbster not black-seed oil capsules, actual oil.

Kelli Herbster
Layla Smith, thanks I’ll certainly look into this!

Jen Foglia
Layla Smith three day celery juice cleanse.

  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Oregano oil gels
  • Oreganol drops (one dropper full three times a day)
  • Gaia parasite detox drops
  • Echanacea and goldenseal
  • Peppermint oil gels
  • Spirulina
  • Activated charcoal
  • Mimosa pudica
  • Milk thistle
  • Monolaurin
  • Dandelion root
  • Probiotics
  • Absolutely no sugar of any kind, no wheat, low carbs, low dairy, high protein.

Susan Belloni

There is info out there now that says fasting or intermittent fasting can re-set our immune systems! Wouldn’t that be cool if it worked.

Melody Matthews
That is awesome!

Jessie Grinnan
It’s crazy that you posted this because I’ve suspected blasto since my hives started. But I’m breastfeeding and so I can’t really go crazy with the antiparasitics.

David Weston
Jessie Grinnan Some parasites can move through breast milk into the baby…

Jen Foglia
Id get tested

Liz King
I tested positive and was treated for HPylori, a common Hiver issue but I wonder about broader issues like this, when I dive back into seeing Drs again, I will chase this down. Thank you for sharing!

Jessica Elizabeth
Liz King did your hives clear up after treatment?

Liz King
Jessica Elizabeth
In short, no….. but….
I think it took many years to get this sick and the causes are multifaceted or like onion layers. Stress, illnesses, chemicals, pollution, deficiencies etc. I have made many changes to my lifestyle over ten years in an effort to get healthier. I have to take 50-125mg of Atarax daily along with other antihistamines but I do believe I’m getting healthier and ultimately, I want to be hive free without medicine.

Kristine Gagne
Everyone has parasites, our immune system normally keeps them in check and we live a symbiotic life. When the immune system is struggling or really suppressed is when some parasites will take advantage and cause issues. I’m happy you’ve been able to treat for them! They kind of scare me lol but I know I’ll be needing to deal with them soon. One step at a time 🙂

Melissa Flynn


Bonnie Schultz
Jen Foglia Following please post how things go after the round of prescribed anti parasitic goes for you!

Kim Bo
My sons dermatologist said treat the parasite and the hives will go. Well 5 years on Parasite treated gone and still hives. After telling her she said they would be gone she said I didn’t say that!😫

Ericka King
Food grade diatomaceous earth and probiotics. Put my son on this after 2 years of hives he was 16 and hives gone after about 2 weeks. Definitely parasites, or yeast over growth, or leaky gut. After 3 specialist docs i did all research and did myself they would have still had him living on antihistamines.

Kelli Herbster
Ericka King, how did you use this?

Ericka King
Kelli Herbster buy it at your local health store or online. Start with half teaspoon in some juice water or anything after a week take a teaspoon. Take until you think you don’t need anymore. Lots of articles you can google on food grade diatomaceous earth and benefits. My son test negative for parasites yet once took this we then knew he had them!!

Julia Koranyi
Ericka King what is the exact name of this probiotic? Does mothers market have it? Or online?

Ericka King
Julia Koranyi i bought this one in my town because its only once a day, had good reviews and is hypoallergenic. You can buy online.
No photo description available.

Julia Koranyi
Ericka King thank you so much!! I’m desperate will try this!!

Ericka King
Take the food grade diatomaceous earth, probiotics and give your self a month to see if changing. If its your gut, yeast, or parasites it will work but there are many autoimmune etc that can cause chronic urticaria but leaky gut and parasites are a big one!

Amanda Jane Wall
Following- allergist mentioned potential parasitic cause

Susan Belloni
The problem with this horrible disease is thinking the last thing you took before you went into remission was the cure.

Peter Lee
I think you are onto something. I have a history of toxoplasmosis infections.

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