I have been hive free since basically Christmas

I’ve been hive free since basically Christmas.
(The outbreak before this had me in the hospital with epi due to severity)
I saw a MD/natureopathic/functional medicine doctor who found many core issues wrong with me and put me on a bunch of things (supplements, drops) to fix it. I started these last Thursday. Yesterday I had a couple hives. Today they are spreading. I am wondering if others have had similar experiences where hives get worse again before getting better. Trying to decide whether to stop new stuff or not. It could also be a stress/sleep reaction as I’m struggling to keep up being so behind with work and family.


Mary Wu I had somewhat a similar situation. I was on a lot of supplements from a naturopath and I was still getting random hives at night. Then I stopped all supplements for a test and my hives lessened and went away. I am now on nothing at all because I just don’t want to mess with my body and let it heal with healthy food. I been eating healthier and adding back food from my original elimination diet

Sim Urivetzky I started Xolair shots last Tuesday. I’ve been on Allegra, Zyrtec, Claritin, zantac & montelukast since October. The week before the shots my rheumatoligist put me on colchicine & I had one of the worst flare-ups yet. Since the shots, I’ve only had a few small hives & no real new ones since Friday. I’m afraid to try anything else.

Suzanne Laub Bethard I take supplements. The process to remission/healing is a slow one because it is working on the root cause- sometimes it is clearing out years of toxins.
Pharmaceuticals only mask the cause and add to the toxins your kidneys and liver have to deal with.
My journey to no longer needing my antihistamines took 10 months to a year. I am extremely happy I did not give up. Be consistent.

Sim Urivetzky Sounds great. Which supplements do you recommend?

Suzanne Laub Bethard Sim Urivetzky I take Plexus Triplex. It is 3 supplements that work together to focus on gut health, inflammation and balancing blood sugar. I had chronic hives for ten years, until I cleared my overgrowth of bad bacteria in my gut. Full disclosure– I do share them, because I searched for a solution for so long and wanted to let others know what helped me. I also eat a clean diet, and drink half my weight in ounces of water per day. I can message you my website if you are interested in trying Triplex. There is a 60 day money back guarantee so nothing to lose in trying.

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