I have been hives free for more than 2 weeks

I have been hives free for more than 2 weeks.. the weather is warm, but tonight something strange happen.. its the first time i react against hot weather! Usually what effect me is just cold.. is it a sign that am gunna have reaction against hot also? 😞 so now ill have to deal with hot/cold weather?!! What shall i do now


Lee Kez Aboudi Rapka that happened to me recently but I’ve not reacted to heat since. so it’s not always the case.

Rain Phoenix Rae apply baby powder.. i know it sounds crazy but i do it when I’m totally out of ideas but i guess all of us go nuts at times.. haha.

Jasmine Elizabeth I react to heat and cold I have MCAS

Marwan Darwich Thats annoying!! If i react against cold, i avoid it.. if i react against hot, i avoid it.. but reacting against both!! 😢

Jasmine Elizabeth I react to the rain its hard to avoid heat and cold

Marwan Darwich I do react to the rain too. Even the soft wind effect me..

Jasmine Elizabeth And scents and foods and meds ??

Marwan Darwich Its just the weather.. cold, rain, wind, humidity.. n now the hot..

Jasmine Elizabeth Oh okay no worries i was hoing to say have you ever been tested for mcad mast cell activation disease

Marwan Darwich Nop

Jasmine Elizabeth I hope you find some relief soon can you be put on H1 and H2 antihistamines??

Marwan Darwich I cant. Iv never been diagnosed officially.. n i never had any antihistamine or any other medicine .. my only cure were the sun light.

Michael Donato Heat & the cold are both a form of stress to our bodies, comfort our bodies & minds ..

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