I have been itchier than last few days

This is what my chest looked like tonight when I got home from work. It’s not itchy but it’s something i haven’t seen before. I hope my xolair is still working and I am not going to be one of those it stops working for. I have had no visible hives but I have been itchier than usual over the last few days


Pip Bhardwaj-Sharma This was my ‘one off’ poohy flare up whilst on holiday

Deborah Birks I woke up like that this morning, so annoying. I think the urticaria must get worse from time to time and break throught the meds x

Angie Macayan Ihlenfeld I take allegra in the morning and singulair at night. So far so good. No alcohol and i take a shower right after i work out. If i don’t, i break out.

Margaret Montgomery From what the Dr told me it is called dermatographia or Skin writing. Cause is unknown. Google skin writing and there are several pages about it.

Nancy Didion That’s what my face looks like all the time..blotchy, but no raised bumps anymore. And shriveled eyes.

Deborah Lee What did you eat last night

Karen Karadimov I get streaks hives wheel welts. Sometimes it looks like a state or a country. My co workers have been supportive

Anne Pxyzxyz If something doesn’t hurt or itch I consider it a win these days.

Sue Elshire Hargrave Well, phooey. When that happens, it just makes us so worried! Hopefully, it is just a bit of breakthrough hives, and it will go away!

Letrice Alexandria Walton This happens to me every single day. I don’t even notice it unless someone points it out to me. People are always like “what happened to your neck???” The slightest bit of touching causes this for me. It is dermographism. I can draw things all over me and write words on my skin smh

Gene Starr But I don’t have dermagrapgism. That’s the wierd part.

Amanda Webberley I get ones like that too but they itch pretty bad

Jay Gee I get those “skin writing” hives too Usually it’s my first form of flare before wheels I had it today actually but I know it was BC I missed my fexo for about 48 hours BC I lose my pill bottle. But I found it. So I’m
Getting back on track. Feel better soon!

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