hi I have been largely hive free since the beginning of July last year.

I have been largely hive free since the beginning of July last year.

Want to pass on some positive news. I’ve been largely hive free (maybe 4 days with one/two hives) since the beginning of July last year).

I’d tried everything (cocortosoids, antihistamines, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, juicing, probiotics). I could not tolerate antihistamines, which made me break out everywhere in giant hives, and prednisolone made everything worse.

Last July I had my first Xolair injection and saw an immediate improvement.

Over Christmas, because my allergy specialist was closed, I went 5 weeks without treatment, without developing hives. I am now tapering (2 months to my next injection and then one 3 months after that).

Last July I had a daily UAS score of around 5 so pretty severe symptoms.

I know Xolair doesn’t work for everyone, just like histamines didn’t work for me. But hang in there, keep fighting the good fight, and most of you will get to remission one day (98% of us are hive free after 5 years)


Rebecca Fic Odell I’m starting Xolair tomorrow! 1pm. (antihistamines also don’t work for me and prednisone also makes it worse!)

Sarah Sandberg Hope it works as well for you! I was totally at the end of my tether…

Rebecca Fic Odell I hear ya! I’m going to think positive. I really want my life back! Any side effects for you? Any advice for injection #1?

Sarah Sandberg Rebecca Fic Odell I did get muscle pain in my lower legs and arms but it’s really reduced over the last couple of months or so. Other than that, no hair loss or other side effects, and that pain was not severe enough to take meds for. For injection 1 – don’t do what I did, I was so stressed about it having had such bad reactions to every other medication that my blood pressure was through the roof. Try to relax and not worry, you will be in good hands 🙂

Rebecca Fic Odell Thank you!

Debbie Weimer I’m starting for the second time on the 31st. I can’t wait!

Cathy Polley Your story sounds so familiar – hoping to start Xolair in February and hoping it will work for me as it has for you Sarah.

Evelyn Brethour Good for you!

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