I have been on the increased dose of 2 x fexofenadine and 1x cetirizine

Another day another break out. I’ve been on the increased dose of 2 x fexofenadine and 1x cetirizine for 10 days no and it’s making no difference whatsoever. It’s really getting me down and I’m told there’s nothing they can do and it will go on its own . I’ve had a few courses of prednisolone over the last 4 years when I’ve had really bad flare ups. I avoid them like the plague now, I would have to be having a seriously bad outbreak and would have to try all other options before I would consider steroids. Thankfully I’m not at that stage yet


Carol Mark Rollo I feel for you

Judy Santo Bathe Same. I start to get better and then bam another flare up! So frustrating.

Maggie Pattison We have the same curtains lol chin up Victoria the hives will go good taste is permanent

Michelle Shaw Hello my daughter takes 4 zertec a day more if needed at one stage she was taking 10 she is on mathatrexate now as well

Emily Stafford Have u been on steroids? Prednisolone? Yes they gave me insomnia but gees it was worth the relief when I had them that severe then I would go back to 4 X 180mg telfast (Fexofenadine) not that I’m a dr but just saying what helped me I now take 1 fexo daily no fail no hives approx 1 year it took me to get no hives .  2 fexo 180mg?

Andria Thompson Who’s told you that there’s nothing that ‘they’ can do?

Emily Stafford I was also told this by dr and dermotologist except steroids antihistermeines and possibly light therapy

Andria Thompson Go and ask to be referred to an immunologist. Immunologist’s are the ‘apex’ doctors when it comes to urticaria.
Honestly? Neither are fully qualified to determine whether or not ‘nothing else can be done’. If your doctor refuses to refer you ask for the reasons. Then let him/her know you’ll see another GP for a second opinion. Further make an appointment with the practice manager.
As for it may go on its own that’s a yes, it may. But whilst you’re suffering you need to be able to manage it/live with a better quality of life.
It may also never go.

Andria Thompson And where are you?

Emily Stafford Adelaide Australia, he did end up writing me a referral to immunologist I couldn’t get in for a few months and for now the CIU is in control so if they do come back bad to the point nothing was helping and also had flare ups of angioedema (which was scary) ER didn’t know mug either – I will go to immunologists for further testing..

Jay Gee Emily Stafford immunologist may not do more testing but they should have more experience treating this and better suggestions for medicine cocktails. I take 2 fexo 180 daily and Zantac 2 x daily (not sure if that one works) plus Zyrtec at night. I swear by the fexo (at off label double dosages) and the Zyrtec. If I miss doses of those, I feel it. I also am on xolair. But still need all my antihistamines

Jay Gee Emily Stafford also, side note, my hives were uncontrollable even on xolair during menses, so I started taking lo Loestrin fe (super low dose birth control that has 26 days of the same low dose) and this fixed the problem. I tried other cheaper / older brands of birth control, but this was the one that worked.
Also started taking vitamin d 50k weekly and thyroid meds. Worth checking levels of both. Made huge difference in feeling of well being and energy

Jennifer Smyth Do you eat much spinach or foods high in histamine? I always found that my hives where at there most extreme when I ate certain foods

Ashley Ortega Victoria Main, when my hives were at their worst I was taking 6 Cetirizines a day + 2 zantacs a day. You can’t overdose on antihistamines .the worst you’ll do is just sedate yourself.

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