I have been on Xolair for 7 months for chronic hives

Hello!! I have been on Xolair for 7 months for chronic hives. Hives are under control (thank goodness!!) but anyone else gain weight or have a hard time losing weight while on Xolair? I can’t seem to shake the extra weight off even with exercise and a healthy diet.


Vidhu Venkat yes unfortunately 🙁 i was 130 and i shot up 10lbs.

Tammy Gardner Yes I have gained and hoping to loose it once I’m off

Kim Vo Have you asked your dr how you should be weaned off?

Diana Crowley Uhlaender No, i was able to lose weight. Are you on other medications?

Kim Vo No, not on any other meds right now

Autumn Lee Yes. The only thing I’ve had any luck with is intermittent fasting.

Jenilee Roman I never lost weight after the hives came until I switchd to Ketogenic Diet. I like it a lot, and it’s helped control my weight

Jenilee Roman But it is extremely rigid and strict and can affect health conditions, so you have to talk to your doctor befroe you try it. Mine said go ahead, since I was getting regular bloodwork we would have seen anything that was odd.

Michelle Shannon Slimming world helped me

Rai Said Is this true??? OmyGod- i will have another problem at hand

Arjumand Mirza Oh my god i was wondering as why am i gaining weight even though i eat less.

Cindy Stimson Jusseaume I have gained 15lbs and cannot lose it . I cannot do protein diets , because of kidney function

Christina Pachow Hand I have been on it for a while and have gained a good 30lbs. Trying to lose it but it doesn’t want to budge.

Kim Vo Ugh!! Sorry guys! Hard to find any materials online that tie weight gain to xolair so thought I’d ask here. The Dr wants to slowly wean me off of Xolair and see if the hives come back but she doesn’t want to even try for another 6-12 months

Maggie Maye I have lived a low carb lifestyle have for close to 30 yr.s.. and never changed a thing and gained 60 lbs from all the meds, mostly I think from prednisone,,, my weight is starting to come down..on it’s own from staying the coarse…make sure your getting in plenty of water, and take to your Dr. about a low Carb/ keto lifestyle…Xolair is working for me and if I can’t get the rest of my weight off or it takes a bit? I wold rather that then hives and swelling….good luck

Kim Vo I hear ya! Better than hives

Dawn Elizabeth Ilic I been on xolair since last year and have dropped 30 pounds thank goodness hasn’t affected me sometimes what we think is the xolair is really more like prednisone if your on that or any other inducing appetite meds I did low carb high protein and lots of water to drop my weight

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