I have been relatively hive free for a few months now

Gah!!! I have been relatively hive free for a few months now. My partner got sick and then I got it 😕 When I get a temperature I end up with hives, every time. To top it off I had lost 5kg recently and now I have been reunited with my old friend prednisone so that’s all undone. Feeling pretty miserable right now. Sorry for my rant


Carol Mark Rollo Hope you feel better soon ⭐️

Maria Leonard Hope you feel better soon

Kylie Druett I feel your pain. I’m trying to look at the positives it was a nice time not having hives or to take all that medication

Rhoda Young Sending well wishes ⚘

Lisa M. Abel Palmieri Feel better same happens to me

Margie Williams-Divinity Ikr, good ole prednisone. Can’t live with it and can’t live without it.

Jeanne Zamora My daughter gets them.. she’s 7 they told me stress can cause hers but it’s usually a dental procedure, even on meds.. hers is caused by an autoimmune disease but we do not know what she has

Mary Dean Hugs.

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