I have been struggling with Chronic Urticaria for about 5 Years

I have been struggling with Chronic Urticaria for about 5 Years. In 2016 I became diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. After cycle 2 of Chemotherapy it was the first time I became hives free and needed no antihistamine/Steroids etc. I am now a year and six months cancer free and the hives returned with a vengeance. I always promised if I found something that work for Me I would tell others because I know how debilitating this condition is. Two Weeks ago I met someone who was familiar with Hives. He told me what finally cleared his up to where He did not have to live on prednisone which is what I have been doing, I was on cetrizine, ranitidine and twenty mg of steroids twice a day which made me gain about twenty pounds in two months.

I am here to share and hoping I can help Someone. I started the regimen and it effective same Day. Every twelve hours I take 10 mg cetrizine, 20 mg of famotidine and 150 mg ranitidine and these next two ingredients are the miracle worker for me. I will share pictures of the container. It’s the cvs brand probiotics which has streptococcus thermophus and L Glutamine. I take one probiotic at time two and 3 of the L glutamine which is 750 mg each. I bought my probiotics at cvs and My L glutamine at Whole Foods. But I open the capsules and pour out into a spoon because For some reason my body wasn’t melting the capsules. Give it a shot, might give you relief. Please keep me posted, feel free to message Me etc. I hope This will help you Guys.


Judy Santo Bathe Do you still take the other antihistamines?

Tessa Westby Judy Santo Bathe Yes I do, but not taking the 40 mg of steroids daily which wasn’t able to control outbreak. I am taking the cetrizine, ranitidine and famotidine. The Gentle Man who gave Me this regimen told to try to wean off the anthihistamine one at a time in 6 to 8 weeks. I have been doing this regimen now for two Weeks and I have been hives free. I am thankful and hoping it works for others.

Jessica Simmons DeLisio You take one probiotic a day and three of the L glutamine per day? Just need to clarify. Ty. So happy it worked for you. I’m willing to try.

Tessa Westby Jessica The first week I took it three times daily. Now I take twice a day. Be sure to open the capsules and the powder in a spoon and swallow. My body was not digesting the l glutamine until I did not, so it was not effective. It does not have a bad taste, just flush down with some water or juice. I would tell you to do it three times daily at first and see what happens. Then try going to twice after first week.

Debbie Korthuis So to start you are taking L glutamine 3 times daily and probiotic 2 times daily for first week. Then starting 2nd week you took Glutamine 2 times daily and probiotic 1 time daily. Is that correct?

Tessa Westby L glutamine and probiotics was both three times daily first week. Second week they are both twice daily.

Breda Gallagher-Friel I after thru breast cancer and it’s bad at moment must look into this

Tessa Westby Give it a shot, it cannot hurt. Let me know how it works for you.

Vickilynn Brunskill Thank you for sharing this.

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