I have been suffering with hives for the last 2-3 years

I’ve been suffering with hives for the last 2-3 years. Doctors don’t find anything in my bloodwork or other diagnostic testing. I’ve been on and off of prednisone more times than I can count. It caused me to gain weight in places I never did, caused stomach problems and more.
I went to a new allergist las week she’s doing new testing and she says she doesn’t think these are hives??? Has a doctor told anyone this before?
Also suffering of severe depression. I can’t deal with this anymore, but I have 2 kids and a husband that need me to stay strong.
I should mention I have struggled with gut health diets, back and forth on it. Trying to stick to it now!


Geri Wilson These are similar to mine. I think mine is a dietary allergy personally.

Zee Mansour Geri Wilson they told me there’s no way mine is a food allergy because it would happen over night

Alexa Arnold Stay positive this will end!!!

Debra Secondino You should check out the book A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan. Or even check out her episode on the Joe Rogan podcast. She specializes in treating mental health issues holistically. I know this isn’t technically a book for hives but her holistic approach is all about balancing your body and healing. I suffered with hives for 2 years and after dealing with this naturally I am hive free. I should add that with my hives healing so have a lot of my issues with anxiety!

Zee Mansour Debra Secondino I’ll check it out thanks!

Debra Secondino Definitely check out the podcast! She is such an inspiration! Best of luck

Allison Aileen Aww no triggering here! We’ve all seen it and experienced it 😢 feel better!

Zee Mansour Allison Aileen thank youu!

Nicole Kathryn Ohlsen I got tested for MACAS but my tests didn’t yield a diagnosis but my hives were severe so I am being treated for idiopathic hives with the same medication (xolair). I also have pots and have neurologic reactions that look like hives but are a “flush” which Benadryl doesn’t treat…those are still puzzling but I also have a herniated disc so my immunologist thinks it’s a zap to my system maybe from pain or my nerves just overreact. I have never been given steroids for hives in my 1.5 yrs of insanity with this.

Zee Mansour Nicole Kathryn Ohlsen you’re lucky you haven’t used steroids. I wouldn’t recommend it. But isn’t xolair a steroid medication? Has it helped? Do you get it via injections?

Nicole Kathryn Ohlsen Zee Mansour it’s an injection. I do not believe it is a steroid as far as I know. I still get hives they aren’t as severe, I tried to go off of it and made it a month and a half. The neurologic reactions which might be caused by pain or my pots are rough but if I have pain my pain management works within 15min. I think I need a round of steroid trigger point injections to reset my nerves and muscles in my back. It’s a complicated process…

Dave Dev For anyone suffering for a long time, with no resolution or help from the traditional medical model, I recommend researching LDA/LDI Immunotherapy. Retraining the immune system to not over react to things that it shouldn’t…it’s drug free btw.

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