I have been virtually clear for almost a week ! I strongly recommend this.

Hi everyone, after battling with ciu for over a year, I really have been at my wits end.
3 weeks ago I tried going off of dairy and was clear for 3 whole days (which to people with this illness feels like a miracle !)
They came back.

Feeling very low I made the decision to see a homeopath, not my normal cup of tea, but at this point, anything is worth a try.

I walked in to this strange old ladies house and was greeted with a pendulum in hand – literally was in there for 5 minutes, and she told me I had an excess amount of copper and oxalic acid in my body.
She told me to stop drinking coffee, coke and eating chocolate (amongst other things)

Guys, I have been virtually clear for almost a week !
I strongly recommend this.

The day before I went


KIM TETRAULT Congratulations! My husband had gr4eat success seeing a naturopathic doctor as well, and has been clear for a couple months now! He was at wits end as well!! Best wishes!

KARLEYNE AUDREY FRASER If I may ask, what did they find ?

KIM TETRAULT They diagnosed him with a histamine intolerance and put him on supplements, probiotics, vitamin c and a few other things. He also followed a low histamine diet. Google that 🙂 he is 100% cured. You need to be strict with the diet and supplements regimen to be successful though.

ALICIA DEEDEE Any tests done?

KARLEYNE AUDREY FRASER Hundreds ! With medical doctors, no allergies detected.

KIM MAC DONALD SHEPHERD Are you needing to increase your Zinc? My Copper is normal, but I am low is Zinc. I’m also allergic to Nickel. The body will use Nickel if low in Zinc. Nickel can also cause skin reactions. Also have problems with Oxalates (kidney stones). I am increasing my Zinc to see if it helps, and avoiding those foods high in Oxalates.

KARLEYNE AUDREY FRASER My zinc is very low according to her!

HELEN VOYCE Those foods have high chemical (amine and salicylates) content which can cause urticaria……. I am seeing a dietician at the moment. The elimination phase changed my life! The challenge phase has proved which chemicals are my triggers! It’s real science! I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. Your homeopath made a good guess…… homeopathy is totally disproven btw…


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