I have Chrons Disease, chronic Urticaria, spontaneous angioedema .

Today I start a 60 day juicing and water fast! I have Chrons Disease, chronic Urticaria, spontaneous angioedema which are all autoimmune classified. I really hope this will put me in remission! I’ll keep everyone posted on the results


Suzi Fullam Murro Good luck! What exactly does this fast consist of?

Sheena Cannon Fruit and vegetable juice and water only

Suzi Fullam Murro FOR 60 DAYS?!?!?!

Linda Malley I did it for 10 days and lost 20 lbs. I felt fantastic!

Beth Flynt Is it kale cucumber apple lemon ginger ?

Sheena Cannon This particular one also has spinach

Beth Flynt Sheena Cannon yes I think mine did too

Beth Flynt I did 1 week for 2 meals and had 3 great weeks ! Then they came back …Im starting again next week! Good luck!

Linda Malley I’m going to start in a couple of weeks.

Amanda Wilcoxen I have done this and it works. Be prepared however for stomach aches/pains the first week. It’s our bodies way of getting used to the cleanse. (Sudden on slot of nutrients)

Christina Blevin Dunks I have Crohn’s disease and chronic urticaria as well I have always thought it was connected but none of my doctors do !

Tess Adams Today is my fifth day of green juicing consists of celery, kiwi, green apples, spinach, red romaine lettuce ALL ORGANIC. I added GF lemon italian ice to make it doable to drink. The hives on my arm is totally gone and so does the one in between my fingers. Juicing really works for hives, not only that it also cleanses your digestive system and makes your tummy happy and smiling all day😊👏🙏❣️

Bell Garcia I’ve been juicing for about a
Month and my hives are gone about 90 percent off my body. I don’t have any on my arms, very few on my legs. Juicing works. I also take one teaspoon of vinegar with warm water every morning. I believe a combination of both is what making my hives go away. By this time last year I was very miserable with hives all over my body.

Laura Wojtalak Morrison Interesting I have diverticulitis…the hives came after two weeks on IV antibiotics

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