I have daily hives and angiodema.

Evening All!! I am after some advice and guidance..
My back story; I gave birth to my second daughter almost 3 years ago and unfortunately picked up a serious infection in the hospital and suffered post partum eclampsia. The after effects are hypertension and a haywire immune system. I have daily hives and angiodema.
Every. Single. Day.
I have no apparent triggers, no allergies, no food intolerances, all blood tests clear, just awaiting results of Hpylori. I also suffer migraines & IBS. For the hives I take a daily cocktail of certirizine, ranitidine, montelukast, vit D, vit B12, quercetine & bromelain, calcium & magnesium, a probiotic to help with leaky gut and a handful of other meds for blood pressure & migraines! I also carry an epipen & inhaler for emergencies. I have taken Pred which helped but the rebound was horrific. My New Year’s resolution was no more steroids!
I live near London and have thankfully been placed in the care of the dermatology team at Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital. My hope was to be approved for Xolair but unfortunately I had breast cancer at 25 (am nearly 40 now!). They are awaiting more info from my oncologist but have also mentioned Dapsone as an alternative (but Dr Google makes it sound pretty grim)
So.. my questions are;
• Has anyone been approved for xolair with a history of cancer?
• Has anyone used Dapsone and did it work? What were the side effects?
Thanks for listening. CIU really is a bitch!


Michelle Daddato Poole I am on Dapsone 10/2/17 and no side effects, I do have blood work for checking my liver numbers which have been fine. I started on 25 mg once a day but hives didn’t change. It was increased by 25 per day and I had weekly blood tests to monitor my liver. It had to be increased to 50 mg twice a day and my hives stopped! Blood work fine. I also take a Zyrtec and Zantac in am and in pm with the Dapsone. This has been 4 months now. I am to call the dermatologist in February to try to reduce meds. I have also reduced my gluten intake since Christmas.

Katie LaBauve Gallagher I as well on 50 mg dapsone 2x daily also take Allegra 2x daily and Zantac and vit D. This is my second go round with uticaria. First time was 5 yrs ago and same regimen taken and lasted 5 months then hive free till about 3 months ago. Prob brought on by stress. Hoping it only lasts a little longer but with above protocol hive free most days other than one or two popping up in the am. But no itching or burning. Tried all kinds of elimination in diet and spent too much time looking up causes last go round .causing more stress. This time just told allergist give me same prescriptions and moved on. Told myself this time just accept and not stress hopefully end is near.

Charlie Angel Sorry to hear your painful story, I have had chronic hives for last 6 years and went to all the London specialist. I have recently found out it was the TVT mesh they put inside after having a baby.
I have been having rejection symptoms which is why meds would not work. Please check they didn’t put mesh in on your operation. I was in shock because no one ever mentioned that. X

Frieda Lardinois I was on Dapsone, Medrol, Montelukast, Certirizine, . no result and from the Dapsone I started losing my hair so I stopped it. Now I will try supplements and a diet. Good luck!

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