I have had 5 bouts of Chronic hives that once triggered last for about 10 months

So pleased to find this group! I have had 5 bouts of Chronic hives that once triggered last for about 10 months. I have had years where I have had absolutely no hives. Each outbreak for me seems to follow extremely stressful times and it is once things seem to relax that my system shuts down and bam I am covered. Mine seem to flare up at night when I am asleep which means the morning is always a pleasant suprise! I have never been told about xolair so off I go to the dr to ask for it!!!!!


Laney Pollard Cobb Yes same here. I have dealt with bouts for 40 years. And I too have them triggered by stress. Question is how to control that from happening. I hope you get relief. I def know how you feel. Hugs

Laurie A Weber Do your hives just dissapear after 10 months? Do you take same meds each time or do you have to try something new? Sorry you are going thru this too!! I had 11 hive free years befire they came back this past oct.

Paula Kinsman I have had different combinations of meds. Some outbreaks I have managed with polaramine and zantac. Severe outbreaks add doxepin and prednisone to the above. Problem is it gives me a foggy brain which isn’t great for work! My hives seem to gradually dissappear. Until I only have a few, then none. When I notice this I gradually reduce meds and can eventually completely stop them.

AJ Horton I swear, I saw the pics of your legs in my feed, and I was like, “Who’s posting pictures of my legs?!” My 1st breakout was in Oct. and I started Xolair in Nov. Just now starting to see results. The last 24 hours, I’ve had maybe 10-20 hives and usually my body is covered all day/night. My mornings are often worst time of day, I think, because heat exacerbates the hives & I’ve been under the covers all night.

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