I have had an autoimmune urticaria and hashimoto

Wishing everyone a hive free life forever

Dear All,
As noted several times earlier, I was in the same mood like all of you.
Couple of weeks ago, I had read a different antihistamine name stated as ‘ blexten’ here from a lady and find it here in İstanbul Turkey named as ‘bilastin’.
In 2-3 days, 90 % of my hives gone unbelievably !!!
Today, ıts almost 2 wks and I even drank alcohol without any hives🙏🙏
I took only 1 at night and left all the other stuff .
I have had an autoimmune urticaria and hashimoto and I know that I will live with these sickness forever but at least I am hive free at the moment and thats what matters now😊😊
I want to thank that lady for the medicine and hope that it ill help all of you like myself.
Wishing everyone a hive free life forever 🙏🙏🙏


Colleen Mcquade
The lady could have been me.!!!! Blexten works well.Stay well

AyseGul Birol
Colleen Mcquade thank you soooo much 🙏🙏🙏

Colleen Mcquade
AyseGul Birol I take 4 each day.2 in a.m and 2 pm This works most of the time and keeps me hive free,but if I have alchohol like beer,wine,I still get some angiodema on my face

AyseGul Birol
Colleen Mcquade we always should be careful, no choice😔☹️

Dominique Brunel
It’s Inorial here in France. I stsrted it in december with just 2 pills a day. My hives improved but were still there most days. I now take 4 a day and – touch wood- I hardly have any except if I am I’ll with a virus or f I have a temperature

Holly Cope-Lynn
What is it in the USA?

MattnMandi Rudd
Wish it was available in the US 😩

Petrie Gillian
I’m going to ask about that. Thankyou

AyseGul Birol
I wish you will find in USA🙏🙏🙏

Meredith League Pretzie
Don’t think it’s available in the US

Colleen Mcquade
Meredith League Pretzie No I don’t think it is.I live in Canada.

Lisa King
Oh damn. Is it banned here?

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