I have had chronic hives for almost 6 months now

New to the group and would love some support and suggestions of what you do. I’ve had chronic hives for almost 6 months now. Antihistamines (oral & topical) do not seem to do anything sadly. I take:
Claritin 2X a day, topical medications: Doxepin, Benedryl Cream or spray, Cortisone.
I also apply ice packs as they seem to help.
Dermatologist suggested I may be a staph carrier as I had a punch biopsy that didn’t heal easily and now suggested I take bleach diluted baths daily. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and slightly low blood platelets (144). My mom also has had problems with hives as did her mom so possibly hereditary.
I am just so miserable and nothing is helping!

I have had chronic hives


Branda Crow Gray For itching, try Biofreeze. It really helped me

Lissa Bloom Wax Gonna get some! Thanks
Just had to tell you that Biofreeze has been my savior the past few days thanks to your comment. I’m on vacation in Hawaii and I swear that my hives are in rapid reproduction mode. Biofreeze has been the ONLY thing other than ice packs to offer relief! I feel like a human again! Thank you so much for the suggestion!!!

Branda Crow Gray Lissa Bloom Wax I’m so glad it worked for you! Enjoy Hawaii!!

Helen Taylor-Bray Ice packs and a menthol cream help me, I’m also on xolair injections which have been amazing totally hive free, good luck

Julia Winston I think you can be swabbed to test for staph.
Separately, unless one is contraindicating for some reason, a different second generation anti-histamine than Claritin may provide relief.

Lissa Bloom Wax I was swabbed to test for staph. Waiting on the results. Thanks:)
So far my hives just seem to laugh at all of the antihistamines that I have tried. So far I have tried Xyzal, Allegra, Zyrtec, Benadryl, & Claritin.

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