I have had chronic hives for last 7-8 years.

Ive had chronic hives for last 7-8 years. (Since menopause) Always in the fall/winter. This year they began in October and they were BAD!! I broke out twice a day- often with swollen lips. I was able to somewhat control them with double doses of Allegra and Zantac – but I had no life. In the last week or so they’ve slowly diminished. I’ve had no hives for the last few days. So no meds! Which is great- but I still have no answers. Does anyone else have “seasonal” hives like this? Do you have any idea what triggers them?


Janet Karshina Thorpe Congratulations! I hope you are in the clear!

Maggie Kuckler Purky Thanks. I hope so! And not get em next fall….darn things have no rhythm or reason.

Jenais Ludwar I feel your pain! I also had a particularly bad flare up in October, but my anti-histamines stopped working for me completely. The swollen lip is the WORST. Did you build up a tolerance to any antihistamines? I’ve noticed that the cold triggers mine the worst.

Violet Beauregard Hi Maggie, I just joined this group yesterday, and am so happy to be able to discuss this life-changing disorder with others suffering from CIU, as my friends and family and colleagues are heartily sick of it! I’m also tired of having to explain it to people who just nod and then ask if I’ve tried meditating. 🙄
I’ve had mine since September 2016 so not a lot of time to notice too many patterns but I did notice that mine seemed to worsen in the fall and winter. I try to track them every day and was using a desk agenda until very recently when I discovered an app for tracking hives and angioedema.

Tash Eliza My specialist put me on vitamin D. It could be related to that if you don’t get much sun at that time of year?

Maggie Kuckler Purky ‘They’re back’…..Damn

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