I have had CIU for 12 years and have tried everything.

How many mg were you taking

I started taking Cyclosporine 25 mg. about three weeks ago. At first, it worked and I was hive free. Then I started breaking out again so I called my Dr’s office and asked if I could increase my dose and they said that I could so I’ve been taking 25mg twice a day. Today I am covered in hives. It has stopped working and I am getting hives everywhere just like I was before I started taking it.
I’m just wondering who else has taken it and how many mg were you taking. I feel like this is my last resort because I have had CIU for 12 years and have tried everything.


Naveen Kumar
25 mg is too low I am 6o kg my doc said 100 mg twice for it to work

Tamra Strowd Devine
Naveen Kumar thank you. That’s what I have been thinking. I have read about all of the good results that people have. Going to call my Dr’s office in the morning to see if he will increase my dose again.

Naveen Kumar

Tamra Strowd Devine Get blood work every month it effects kidney function just to be safe

Tamra Strowd Devine
Naveen Kumar my Dr has me coming in once a month for blood work since he put me on cyclosporine

Krystie Cormier
I was taking between 75-150mg when I was on it. After about a month I had no hives! However, about 2.5 months in I got REALLY sick and it made my liver levels triple twice. I was supposed to have labs every other week for the 1st 3 months but stopped right before month 3 because of the above reasons.

Angie Colt Hultgren
25mg a day is way too low! I am now taking 25mg in the am and 50mg at night. I started taking it 4 months ago but was taking almost 400mg a day to start.

Erin Houglum
Yes probably too low, I take 125mg twice a day and that seems to work for me most days. I do get occasional flare ups though even on 125mg. Also get blood work done every month.

Brittanie Ann
I take 100mg everyday

Margaret Crider
The dose is supposed to be based on body weight, 1-2mg per kg or something like that.

Charlotte Beaver
90mg twice a day, which equates to 3mg per kg. My consultant said we can up it to 5mg/kg if needed, but the risk of side effects will be much higher. I’ve been on it a month and it seems to be working well as I’m finally off steroids. Definitely ask for a higer dose and get your liver and kidney functions checked.

Megan DeCicco
I’m currently at 150mg X2 daily, and started at 50mg. It seems every 2-4 months I’ve had to increase but I’m now mostly hive free at this dose. If I miss doses it comes back though so I’m managing the symptoms but haven’t beat them. I tried to taper back in December and made it down to 75mg X2 daily and by May it was all back full force, hence the high dose now.

Tamra Strowd Devine
I’m waiting on the Drs. office to call me back. Hoping that he will increase my dosage.

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