I have had dermographic urticaria for 8 years.

He hives were managed by 1/2 Zyrtec every 3-4 days.

After reading the posts, I kind of feel bad for posting, because some of you suffer so badly and it takes so much to get any relief. I’m so sorry for you guys. I really hope you find a way to get permanent relief.
I have had dermographic urticaria for 8 years. Up until my last pregnancy in 2018, I had thought I knew for sure they were caused by a dairy allergy, possibly also a gluten intollerance. Before getting pregnant I was successfully hive free for a month or so, totally off medicaiton. Before that, even at their worst, the hives were managed by 1/2 Zyrtec every 3-4 days.
Toward the end of my pregnancy, I was needing medicine every 1.5 days, and that interval was shrinking.
Currently, I am doing a sweeping elimination diet. I started the diet needing medicine every 2 days. I’m 3 weeks in and have stretched it to 3 days. That’s a good sign.
I’m wondering if anyone knows what would be an indication of hives that are autoimmune, vs hives caused by an allergy or histamine sensitivity? I feel like mine must be an allergy since allergy medication is so effective in treating them.
Thanks! Feel free to lay on the advice if you have any!


Jo Richardson
If anything, it really doesn’t make a difference what’s triggering them. Other than for avoidance purposes. Generally the treatment for all hives is the same regardless of the cause. It’s great they’re not causing you too much distress though 😊

Stephanie McCorkle

I’m really grateful the zyrtec is so effective because they are outright torture. I can’t imagine having hives without an effective medication.

Ann Margaret Mole
Joanne Richardson l had them for over 20 years controlled with occasional breakthroughs on 1 zirtek a day. Since last August completely out of control now on ciclosporin and still come through can’t take it much longer. Also have psoriasis which ciclosporin is used its doing nothing for it.

Jo Richardson
Ann Mole I’m getting to that point myself. I’m so fed up of trying

Vaso Klauck
Mine are also controlled with one Zyrtec a day. I still get a hive here or there but it’s very manageable. I try to eat good and exercise. I think food plays a role whether it’s autoimmune or not. My opinion

Rebecca Patten Holt
Never ever feel bad for posting. Urticaria attacks us for many reasons. We all support each other. I am so sorry for your experience. Mine is from H1N1.

She MoltMall
Rebecca Patten Holt flu?

Rebecca Patten Holt
Moltamore-mallory Sherry yes the flu

Stephanie McCorkle
Did it start during flu, or sometime after?

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