I have had hives all of my body

I’ve had hives all of my body for about a month and half now. I cant see an allergist, due to no insurance at the moment, because I only went back to work part-time since having my daughter at the beginning of February. My doctor has me taking allegra, prednisone, and ranitidine during the day and Benadryl at night. I have tried prescription creams, gold bond itching, and really everything under the sun including changing laundry soap, shampoo, etc.

I still have hives that come and go, all day. I havent been properply diagnosed with Chronic hives, but I was looking for some insight on what others have experienced, to maybe self-diagnose myself if possible, or even just some relief at this point. Below are some pictures from the past month or so.

I have had hives all of my body


Jeni Lyman Does allergy meds keep yours down? If not they recommend Xolair shots a lot. We have done two shots for my daughter and will be doing a 3 rd soon. I feel after the second they got a little better but not all the way better yet.
We also have added cyclosporine since my daughters blood tests confirmed autoimmune related . Weird too because she doesn’t have any allergies they charge find.

Mary Malchisky Jeni Lyman its keep the itching to minimum! But still have hives all day, all night! I’ll definitely talk to my doctor about the Xolair shots!!

Jeni Lyman Mary Malchisky it is kind of expensive but they do have grants available for it. We were able to get one for my daughter.

Mary Malchisky Jeni Lyman I’ll definitely look into it!! I need some type of relief, its gonna be summer soon and I’m embarrassed to even wear a tank top with how bad they are

Wendy Harder AM Zyrtec and Zantac (Ranitdine) and PM Zyrtec and Zantac for me. Twice a day is key for me. I do add Benadryl at night if it is bad.

Mary Malchisky Wendy Harder do they ever go away? Or does it just help the itch? The medications I’m taking now just subside the itch, but I still welt with hives.

Dave Dev some have had luck using baby diaper cream…15% zinc oxide…good for skin.

Crystal Moore Allergist told me it could be dust mites to wash all bedding in hot water once a week. Or it could be my hormones from having a baby a year ago, nursing and just now starting my period again.

Mary Malchisky Crystal Moore would it affect anyone else in the household if it was dust mites? Could also be my hormones.

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