I have had hives everyday of my life aside from 2 years

I have had hives everyday of my life aside from 2 years. They went away in my early 20s and came back the day after my gall bladder was removed. It’s nice to know theres other people out there who know the struggle of trying to explain to people how a wrinkle in my pillow gave me hives or the vibration from the lawnmower or my own sweat or nothing at all gave me hives. This week has been exceptionally bad which is what brought me to find this group. This is a picture from yesterday after taking 5 days of prednisone zyrtec and hydroxyzine and ranitidine. This is only my leg too I had them all over


Kylie Druett Poor you. I hope the meds kick in soon.

Gene Starr Welcome to the group Luke! You will like it here!!!

Julia Fontera Omg I am so sorry hugs! Have you tried Xolair?

Luke Towne I’ve never even heard of it but I have an appointment on the 1st so I’ll try to remember it

Julia Fontera Its was approved by the FDA for hives and it works for most of us. I have not have one hive in over a year!! I highly recommend

Luke Towne I will definitely ask my doc about it

Debbi Barnes so sorry for ur anguish no how u feel

Shannon Pepin OMG I remember going thru this. I am so glad I am now in remission.

Brooke Sena Yep, try to get on xolair – it does amazing stuff. I hope something helps soon!

Maggie Maye I will gree Xolair also..Welcome you will love it here, everyone is extremely nice..

Sue Elshire Hargrave I am so glad you are here! I can relate oh-so-much, but I have only had this for 13 years it is such a life changer! It looks like you’ve got to be suffering..as my legs frequently look similar..and don’t you just want to take a rake to the hives???
If you want to do any “looking around” on this site – Scroll down until you see the “Almost Weekly Update” – it tells you about our rules, where to find our Files & Website with CU information, find out who the administrators are, in case you need to contact them, and, if you look at the top of the FB page, you will see a map where we all live..(world wide!) If you want to be added, there is a post from Yvonne Visée Clohessy along with the map, and it will tell you what to do so she can add you! You found a wonderful group of people, and there are quite a few men here! Welcome!

Lisa Draghi Bonacasa Hi welcome to the Group I felt the same way as you I was relieved to see that I wasn’t the only one that had this not that I wish this upon anyone. Have to ask does all that medication that you’re taking help because I know it never did a thing for me. I have also heard about xolair haven’t taken it. Been reading up on it and I know it was only improved in May 2014 for our condition and there are a lot of side effects so a little leery on taking it but that’s just me other people of said it’s a miracle drug. Hope you find something that works for u

Luke Towne No in the end none of it works for me but everyone keeps mentioning xolair so I’m going to ask for that and hope for the best

Lisa Draghi Bonacasa I been hearing the same about it think I may talk to my allergist more about it

Julia Fontera I have no side effects at all but i did its an amazing drug life changing give your life back but i was at my last rope couldnt take it anymore

Lisa Springett Lol woke up.this morning to a big frost switched on heating but waiting for house to warm up or I will be covered in hives in an hour. Should I be late for work ??

Harvey Fedyk Welcome to the group. I feel your agony. Xolair is a good option. I have been on Xolair for 10 month but I still get significant breakouts when I am stressful situations.. So it not a true silver bullet for me.

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