I have had hives now for only 4 weeks

Hey everyone. First time suffered, joined so I could read more about real life sufferers of this illness. So much of the text I’ve read online suggests symptoms longer than 6 weeks is unusual but I read of so many long term sufferers on here it’s daunting.

I’ve had hives now for only 4 weeks. A few days after a 100 miles charity bike ride my palms got really itchy with red spots below the skin, this slowly spread to my wrists and the soles of my feet. My arms got blotchy/spotty. Then in the last week it took hold across my body finally reaching my face this week. It’s only itchy on my hands and feet but the feeling around my chest and neck is like burning fire.

I researched plants etc but we don’t have poison ivy or anything significant in England that would cause this for such a length of time.

Blood tests next week, have tried steroids but didn’t work and Atarax didn’t touch it. Now on 360mg fexofenadine and have self-prescribed 150mg ranitidine as of today. Last 24 hours has been ‘calm’, spots but without the major flare ups.

It’s the mental anguish that’s the worst and the relief of a good few hours is hard for anyone to understand.

I feel for anyone suffering long term as so many on here have been, I don’t yet know how you do it.

I go to Tunisia in 3 weeks for summer holidays and don’t want to be the party pooper.


Deanna Casamatta Watts So sorry to say “welcome”, but welcome and we totally understand and “get it” – truly is awful!!
But it does and will get better… promise;)

Cammie Louise Try celery juice and castor oil packs… seems to have worked for me

Jo Sullivan I have had it chronically for close to 2 decades….just beginning to understand it.

Mauricio de Carvalho There are some foods you should avoid (there was a list in this group)…avoid steroids, do not work and the side effects are awful…it’s really frustrating (this was depressing for.me), we all.know, but find a way to get stronger…let me see if I find the food list

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