I have had hives side effects they scare me

I have had hives on and off for as long as I can remember. Usually they go away quickly and I can tie back to some product. In November I started getting hives on and off and it has continue to today. Went to an allergist this week and he said it was an autoimmune thing. He told me to start taking Xyzal 2x twice daily. And called me in RX for Dapsone 100mg, but not to take til blood came back. The side effects of scare me. Any suggestions as what I should do/should not do? To be honest, I feel like he will just give me pill after pill and then switch me to some shot once a month. Do I need to go to someone else?


Contessa Creevy Unless they identify another culprit or you go to a specialist with experience with CIU, it seems that that’s the course of action that all docs follow because they don’t really know what to do. So they’re just trying anything they can think of to alleviate your symptoms

Heather Cox What type of doctor should I be looking for? What test/options should I ask for?

Contessa Creevy I haven’t been to a specialist yet but an allergist or an immunologist are what I hear from the rest of the group

Heather Cox It was an allergist I went to. Wondering if I should ask for different test. Still waiting on bloodwork.

Jane Jones I’m the same, I’ve been offered dapsone or hydroxy chloroquine and both have dreadful side effects. I don’t want to cause more harm to my system!!!

Heather Cox He told me to switch from Zyrtec to Xyzal. Then suggested Dapsone and a shot call Xoliar. But we are waiting for bloodwork results before we start either one.

Jane Jones Same here!! I am considering refusing either but she’s (dermatologist) not interested in trying other routes to go down.
I wanted to try levocetrizine, but she rolled her eyes at that suggestion, I already have enough medical problems ie. fibromyalgia asthma and arthritis!!!

Jane Jones I’m taking piriton up to 6x a day plus ranitidine montelukast and telfast!!

Contessa Creevy Bleh. Yeah it seems crazy that we’re all taking all of these meds. I’m just on over the counter stuff with the exception of singulair. I don’t want to be on steroids. I’m hoping to continue trying to keep them under control like this. The only specialist in my area requires you to go Med free for 5 days before even seeing you. I’d die

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