I have hives all over my face, arms, and back.

I’m trying to avoid taking Xolair and I’ve recently found a few things that have helped me a lot. I’ve gone from taking approximately 25 pills a day (prednisone, ranitidine, and a variety of rx and otc antihistamines) to just one antihistamine and two ranitidine a day. I have also been able to enjoy 3 consecutive days hive free! My hive free streak broke when I failed to adhere to the following:
1.) juice fresh ginger root and turmeric root and have a shot glass of it every morning.
2.) juice fresh, organic low histamine veggies and fruit and enjoy a few 8oz glasses of it per day. I like to make a batch with dark leafy greens+apples and a batch with beets+carrots+apples.
3.) avoid gluten, dairy, and soy.

I was so happy being hive free for a few days that I got sloppy. I skipped my ginger/turmeric shot, got lazy with my juice and made a cheesy chicken dish for lunch. By the end of the day I had hives all over my face, arms, and back. I don’t know if it was a coincidence but I’m going to get back on track and see what happens.
As for you, maybe it’s worth a try? I sure hope you find something that helps!


Karen Burns Lol. I do the same thing! I still get hives, but I’m better.

Shari Brady I’m trying to stick with low-histamine foods to see if it will help. I’ve added ginger root and numeric root to my shopping list. Thanks so much!

Alison Myers Was Jeffs What one antihistamine are you taking?

Heidi Dawn Allegra

Laurie A Weber Are you only juicing all your meals ?

Heidi Dawn No, I eat organic whole foods whenever I’m hungry. Usually 1 or 2 solid food meals a day and 3-4 juices a day.

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