I have my first allergy appointment tomorrow morning

I have my first allergy appointment tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. I’m not sure exactly what they will do with me. My Mom was just diagnosed with a mast cell disorder. I’ve had spots on my skin for years.sometimes they blister, etc.
I get angioedema in my left eye and also have had tongue swelling in the past. I also have dermatographia. Here are some pictures of my strange skin. Please feel free to post any info I should ask the dr tomorrow or what tests I should request.
Thanks so much!


Kathy Schmitt Hi and welcome to the group! I think it would be beneficial to read through some of the other posts. There is a wealth of information from others with the disease here. My best advice for your visit tomorrow is, don’t expect too much. Expect to have to wait for answers and sometimes you won’t get an answer at all. That’s just how this disease works. It’s difficult but be patient. Make a list of questions for your doctor and discuss every question on your list.

Kathy Pardee Thanks, Kathy Hancock Schmitt, do any of my pictures resemble uticaria?

Kathy Schmitt Dermagraphism is a form of urticaria. Urticaria looks different from time to time. It’s hard for me to tell in these pictures. It’s possible. I’m not an expert though, just one of the afflicted. See what your doctor has to say.

Sue Elshire Hargrave Let us know how your appointment goes! Urticaria is a mast cell disease, so you are in the right place to get information and support!

Kathy Pardee Dr…said it looks like UP….doing blood tests for mast cell disorder. She was very knowledgeable and has given talks on mast cell in the past. She was pretty excited to see me and had another dr come in too. My Mom was just diagnosed with a mast cell disorder in Jan.

MartyAnne Whited Kowalski Good luck!

Sue Elshire Hargrave What is UP?

Kathy Pardee urticarial pigmentosa

Nancy Mooney Michalak Is that because of the residual pigment it leaves behind as well as the hives seem to be smaller and more like a pustical.

MartyAnne Whited Kowalski Thinking of you. Hope the appointment goes/went well!

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