I have no idea how or why, but I stopped getting hives and life has been great

I have been hive free (for the most part) for years.

All, I’ve been hive free (for the most part) for years. I have no idea how or why, but I stopped getting hives and life has been great. Last night I was making hot chocolate with my daughter. I took a few sips and felt an immediate reaction- hives and swelling starting on my feet and arms. I immediately stopped drinking, took my normal dose of Zyrtec and went to bed. Throughout the night I had swelling all over my body… knees, wrists, hands… and hives all over as well. Is it possible the hot chocolate triggered this??!! I’ve never been able to figure out what triggers this and I’ve never had a problem eating chocolate. Here is the ingredients in the hot chocolate… we’ve never had this kind before. Any thoughts?


Judy Kuhn
Everything my doctor said to stay off of-dairy, sugar and gluten(whey).

Richard Breault
whey isn’t associated with gluten..

Jade Watts
Chocolate is very high in histimste so even if you are not directly allergic to it because our bodies have unusually high hisitmate In them with this condition it may make it worse. Following a clean diet has done wonders for controlling my hives! X

Julie Gueye
It’s just so strange because I eat dark chocolate a lot… maybe it was the combination of this hot chocolate and everything in it. I’m hoping I can get this under control!

Jade Watts
Julie Gueye it will eventually fizzle down. When I first got it it was just horrible for months and now I wake up most days (still take medica5ion) with a few but nothing bad and only occasionally have a couple days a month where it’s bad. Grateful for any day I can get when they’re good! Would defo start with super clean diet and see how your body reacts to it and taking some vitamins (vitamin d is very helpful!)

Libby Wibby
I realized that my main trigger was sugar. Although it’s been a challenge, my bad outbreaks ended after I monitored and stopped consuming sugar… only in my coffee in the morning.

Danielle Rae
Whey. Cocoa processed with “alkali.” Sounds like hives causes to me.

Alahora Belcher
My remission lasts about 7 years, then they return. No way to know why. They just do.

Danni Rae Rodriguez Becker
Maltodextrin does it to me immediately. It is a common additive used to make a liquid into powder.

Bridget Carroll
Julie Gueye, if your symptoms calm down, it may very well have been an honest allergic reaction to something in the hot chocolate mix. If it is at all possible, I would try to narrow down exactly what it was that triggered the histamine reaction. I know you can have hives that are totally unrelated to CIU.

Rose Vadnais

“Natural flavor” could be the culprit; things like MSG can be called natural flavor, I’m always leery of anything that says this

Lysa Cotterill
I ditto the ‘natural flavour’ …it might be msg

Meredith League Pretzie
Malt is a trigger for many

Tiffany Renee


Remone Joumar Van Blerk
It’s not the hot choc its the milk

Jennie Fielding
Maltodextrin can cause immediate allergic reactions like your describing. I can not touch it with a 10 foot pole

Margaret Crider
I’m so sorry, it’s super frustrating to come out of remission. Heartbreaking really. I would say it’s likely coincidence, those ingredients all sound fairly common especially if you’re able to eat other packaged foods without issue. If you wanted to test it you could wait till hives calm down then make hot chocolate again and see if you get the same reaction.
But honestly it’s probably just best to try upping your meds and knocking this thing out again.

Elise Rappoport
Margaret Crider yes this is my view – unlikely to be chocolate. It’s usually a viral/infection or stress trigger that gets me back to this joyful place. Just a total shitter when it occurs.

Margaret Crider
Elise Rappoport it is, it’s so deflating. I do not look forward to the day mine come back. 😬😔

Candice Opocensky
Very dodgy ingredients…always read labels. Our bodies do not know how to deal with processed ingredients. Try to stay as clean as possible – you’ve been hive free and your body is telling you something

Gilberto Ruiz Val
There are many varieties and degrees from milk to dark chocolate. It also depends where is from and how pure it is. I love chocolate, I eat the 86% (bitter) for its health properties but just a bite every other day or I get itchy all over after few hours of ingestion. Is the darkest the worst for triggering allergic reactions I believe…

Valarie Soto Buress

I did a hair sample test and I found out that cellulose is one of my intolerances, I break out like crazy. No more Parmesan cheese for me


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