I have no idea how to deal with hives

Another day with hives, I have no idea how to deal with them. I’m about to quit my job and move back to my hometown with my family to get a bit of support. My hives give me dizziness coupled with vomiting. I don’t know whether am I doing the right thing or not. I have no idea whether am I letting this diseases take over my life. I’m just clueless. CIU sucks.


Kathy Anstead Keep your head up I have had it since May. I get upset a cry but I don’t think moving will change anything

Dan Anderson Wishing you the best.

Billie Bonds In my experience, best thing to do is not feel like you’re fighting CU but that you’re working with it. CU doesn’t have to take over your life. It’s a part of your life but your life doesn’t need to be about it…THAT is letting CU win. So, always make decisions that are best for you. I moved back to my hometown because I needed the support while I sorted out my life, no regrets. I’ve had it for 20 years. It took me a long time to realize fighting is exhausting and a depressing way to live. Compassion for yourself and your situation makes a huge difference.
I dunno, think about what going back to your hometown can do for you and think about what staying at your job can do. Either option is good if you’re doing good things.

Ayushi Jindal Thanks for such a helpful advice. You’re right I’ll have to work around it rather than fight it. I think going back home will provide me with some emotional support and some physical support when I’m too vulnerable to do things on my own.

Billie Bonds No problem. 🙂 You’ll find ways to make things easier. If you have that support, there’s nothing wrong with using it.

Katie Lilly I had to do the exact same thing and honestly, it didn’t make them go away but it’s nice to have the support

Connie Watts Have you tried Xolair injections? I’ve been on them for 19 months and hive free since a week after the first one!

Laurie A Weber Keep fighting to find a Dr who will help you! I went thru countless drs until I found one who even knew how to deal with CU that didn’t include pretending that prednisone was the only answer. Having family to support you is never a bad thing, just dont give up finding what works for you

Zareen Kadiri Does diziness happens? I been feeling it past few day then 2 days later my whole body is covered in hives.. N that fucking needles poking sensation.. Our life sucks. I am crying as i type tbis.. Ita awfull. It hurts.

Evelyn Brethour It usually comes from the adrenalin rush after a mast cell release. You should not give in to this condition. Your doctors can help you get this under control with medications, a combination of medications. it is a long trial process because prudently only one medication is tried at a time, and then given about 6 weeks to fully work (or the error part, you learn the medication is not for you). Do you have a good immunologist that has a speciality in this area? If not, you can likely get a recommendation here on this site. Hands are the worst, so sorry.

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