I have no idea why and what is causing this hives

I knew that I couldn’t be the only one going through this. My case, started really bad in October of last year. With my BP medication and fast forward to today. No matter what they give me to take for my pressure I break out in chronic hives. I’ve been tested and even had an ultrasound on my kidneys. I’ve seen an allergist who has me taking loratadine and Zsntax before I take the medicine and my skin still breaks out and feels like a slight tingling or burn sensation. I can’t take Zyrtec or Moloucast. I’m at a lost any advice is greatly appreciated. I have no idea why and what is causing this hives.


Nicole Blotnick Xolair has changed my life. Ask your allergist about it.

MsJackie Jacs Is that over the counter?

Nicole Blotnick Jackie Murray no it is an injection that you get monthly

MsJackie Jacs I’ll be sure to ask. Thanks so much

Jane Gilmore Creekmore Jackie Murray, get the paperwork going as soon as possible for xolair. It can take a long time to go through the insurance approval because it is so expensive. This is the one thing that I hear works for most urticaria folks. I’m about to go on it myself but in the meantime, try eating clean and cut out gluten. Functional medicine says it all leads back to gut health. Good luck

MsJackie Jacs I’m going to inquire starting tomorrow. Thanks so very much

Edna-Hayes Harrison You’ve probably tried this, but… can you control your BP with just a diuretic?

MsJackie Jacs Yes, I’ve tried it and got the hives. They tried two different ones and I broke out to both.

Anna Cole Get checked for autoimmune diseases especially hashimotos. You need a Tpo antibody test, reverse t3, and thyroglobulin antibody test. Also I would ask for a lupus test. I started breaking out in hives 2 years ago from what I thought was Prilosec since I started taking that around the time I broke out. Nobody could find anything, I went through all tests except autoimmune diseases. Fast forward to this October when things started getting really bad, horrid hives, pounding heart, feeling dizzy, couldn’t eat. They finally gave me all the tests and I have hashimotos. My thyroid function is fine so they never thought to test further.

MsJackie Jacs Thanks so much. I was tested again on Friday and awaiting results.

Linda Cooper Daubert Did the blood pressure medicine start your hives

MsJackie Jacs I’ve always been allergic to some. However, in October it went from 0-60. Every one they give me now Chronic hives

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