I have not had hives for almost a week

I’d like to say that after my second Xolair shot and resulting petechiae, I haven’t had hives for almost a week! Crossing my fingers that I may be entering remission.


Margot Leah I had welts around my mouth like that and it turned out I had an allergy to mango. It’s related to poison ivy and gives you a poison ivy like rash. Or it could be evil CU, but just putting it out there just in case it may help.

Monica Runco Good luck.

Karen Karadimov I have urticaria and I am deathly allergic to mango. Two years ago I was exposed for the first time to poison ivy and my hubby rushed me to ER. There are very few medical articles that discuss the relation to mango allergies and reaction to poison ivy. My Urticaria was unbearable during that time. I was on 15 medications and took three months to stabilize

Olivia Parkhurst I am very allergic to poison ivy, but I have never been to the ER for it. Never had breathing issues.

Muriel Von Muriel I haven’t gotten them on my face often at all and if I did it was at night for some reason. Mostly on my thighs, butt, legs, feet, forearms and wrists. Sometimes hands and fingers and shoulders and back. UGH

Sue Elshire Hargrave I like hearing this good news!

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