I have pressure uticaria

I have pressure uticaria. This is from holding onto ropes in yoga yesterday. I have it on both hands, both upper arms, both thighs, my feet, and my waist. Last night was miserable. I found this group while waiting for the hydrocortisone to kick in.


Victoria Louise Coughlin Be careful with that wedding band!! I hope you are ok!

Barbara Garrett Partin Yeah. I took off my engagement ring when I saw this starting yesterday. Fortunately the band is very thin and while it gets tight, it doesn’t cause any real problems.

JoandBen Weight Hi I have delayed pressure urticaria which is a complete nightmare to live with. What does the hydrocortisone do as I’ve found nothing helps?

Barbara Garrett Partin I got prescription-strength from my doctor. It helps, a little, for a few hours. Really though, nothing helps. This came on out of nowhere over two years ago. It went away for a while but came back with a vengeance 18 months ago. Sometimes it’s worse than others – this particular “episode” (as I like to call it), is a 10 on a 1-10 scale.

Carrie Harriman-Graham I have DPU as well šŸ˜© it’s awful

Barbara Garrett Partin I never realized how much it interfered with my life. I was so excited about going to this yoga class! It was so much fun! I knew shortly afterward when the palms of my hands started to swell that I had made a big mistake. By bedtime last night, I knew I was in for a long night. I called in sick to work because I can’t grasp anything!

Karen Kelly Oh honey that looks painful. Im sorry.

Carrie Harriman-Graham Barbara Garrett Partin I’m on medical leave from work, and had to file for disability

Barbara Garrett Partin Omg Carrie! Seriously?? You poor thing! I can see how one might have to resort to that though!

Ina Wood It’s amazing for swelling it’s better than any medication out there.. I usually take some Tylenol and ice pack the swelling and drink a ton of water!!

Kathy Zahn I have DPU as well. I have found that when I feel an outbreak coming on I take an extra antihistamine right away and I rub either diabetic for lotion or “EASE Cream” on it. They both cool down the itches.

Melissa ReelĀ Prednisone helps my swelling, I can’t do much of anything with my hands without regretting it..I always keep 2 small V8 juice cans in the frig/freezer and grasp them in my hands if they get bad..it is very cold and soothing

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