I have some of the biggest hives

I was just posting questions the other day about remission, and now I have some of the biggest hives I’ve had in close to a year 😟. Comparatively speaking it’s nothing like some of what you all are experiencing (though I’ve been there too), but I think I’m psyching myself out! I’m so scared I’m going to have an outbreak- that I’m psychosomatically causing the hives! I also have bronchitis, and usually get a few more hives when my body is fighting infections. No Insurance = no Xolair/Singulair/Atarax for almost 4 months. I’m just going to do what the posters say: KEEP CALM AND IMAGINE YOURSELF HEALTHY & HIVE FREE !!
Ps that long streak of white down my leg is from a horrendous grease burn


Melody Matthews You can buy zyrtec & zantac over the counter- no insurance needed. I have also found quercetin helpful. (Available at a store that sells natural health supplements/ products)

Karen Meyer Zantac was never quite helpful for me and I take Zyrtec faithfully

Sonya Zandberg Costs R99.00 in south africa. You can get doc to inject or urself. Must be intra muscular. Keeps my hives away for 2 weeks at a time. Last time now was 17 days. Had to inject again this morning. But atleast keeps it away a bit. Unlike the antihistamines that cost a small fortune and didn’t keep it away. Especially fexo and rupenaise and allerway

Karen Meyer So basically a steroid shot? Last resort! I have a stash of Prednisone if I am desperate but I usually save it unless it starts to creep up my neck to my face..cuz then the angioedema kicks in 🙁 such a terrible cascade!!

Sonya Zandberg I know its terrible prednisone doesnt help me anymore get all bloated and swollen. Less so with the celestone. This is my last resort. Nothing else has helped and each frikking doctor just adds his medicine and tell you dont use that use this , noooo this will help etc etc etc. So this works ..maybe not for long but it works

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