I have suffered from chronic hives for nearly. 3 years.

hives for nearly. 3 years

I have suffered from chronic hives for nearly. 3 years. Have had all allergy tests done all came back clear, now being tested for vitamin deficiencies thyroid problems and connective tissue disorders. Hope they can sort problem out soon as I’m getting really fed up. This was one of my mild outbreaks!


SHANNON FISHER WOHLER Which connective tissue disorders are they checking you for?

HELEN MARIE SANDALL I’m not sure to be honest I had 8 blood samples taken on wed so now just waiting.

HELEN MARIE SANDALL I believed it to be triggered by heat but have now been told that’s just an accelerating factor and not the cause. My gp was just telling me to take anti histamine which does nothing so I got a second opinion and finally someone listened.

BETH COAN BELLARDINI Have you tried changing your diet.I started with hives 9 months ago all blood work came back fine. On this site I heard about bentonite clay. I tried that for a month and then totally changed my diet and started only drinking filtered water. I am now hive free and off all meds. All of us are different but this site has been such a blessing for me.

KERRY EDWARDS ‘KIRK’ My husband currently is suffering a massive flare up. Hes suffered all his life with urticaria with flare ups every few years but this current flare up is like nothing I’ve seen. B4. He’s on a massive dose of steroids ATM to try and help as well as his usual huge doses of fexofenadine, piriton, montelukast and ranitidine as well as an immunosuppressant called ciclosporin. Nothing is helping. 🙁 he’s also had xolair injections for 6 months and they didn’t help.

TAMMY PARRISH I’ve been suffering from hives on a daily basis for about 7 years. Drs cannot diagnose why I get them, other then my body is super sensitive for abusing steroids for 5 years. Let me know how your appts come out, maybe I will try your testing!

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