I have suffered from hives ever since pregnancy

Firstly thank you to everyone that has already shared their stories, I feel it’s about time to share mine in the hopes that it may help someone else, as others have helped me! I am 29 years old, live in Australia & have suffered from hives ever since pregnancy & giving birth to my daughter almost 7 years ago, it has been a battle to say the least. I would say my hives are caused by heat/too much sun, pressure, stress & when I get run down (cold). I can’t remember who posted about the importance of water to the body but I have been completely hive free for almost two weeks now since their post, I have been religiously drinking a minimum of 3 litres a day (this is sometimes really hard) but I have not had a break this long from my hives in a long time!! I urge everyone to try and give this a go, I’m sure it won’t work for everyone, but isn’t it worth a try? Perhaps my body was chronically dehydrated? I don’t know? In March 2014 I did an amazing cleanse diet (photo attached) for a month I was hive free- as part of the cleanse I had to drink 3 litres of water per day, I lost 8kg’s but after the month I went back to my old habits and although the weight stayed off, the hives came back šŸ™
In the past, I have only ever tried a combination of antihistamines (for the record telfast is my drug of choice), I have recently been seeing a new specialist who put me on plaquenil in November 2014, I stayed on this for 4 weeks with no results noticed, late December I went to the QLD beach for Christmas, I had a horrible outbreak and was forced to see an emergency dr who gave me a prescription of prednisolone, 25mg a day for 5 days only, it was AMAZING to say the least.. At first.. But every 24 hrs when it was time to take my next dose the hives were back worse than before? I dreaded when the 5 days were up, I wanted to stay on this miracle drug forever! I went to another dr on an unrelated matter in my home town and mentioned to her, she said if I could taper down to 5mg and it still helped then it should be ok to stay on.. So I tried.. But anything less than 25mg and I had little or no relief? I also started getting very emotional and almost depressed and put on about 4kg’s in a week or two! By the time I tapered down to 5 mg, I got the outbreak to my face (photo attached) throughout my years it has never effected my face like that! I finally called my new specialist on his holidays (silly man gave me his mobile number) & he fit me in within 2 days & told me to take a cocktail of antihistamines in the meantime for relief that day. I took 2 each of 3 different kinds (telfast, Zyrtec & ranitidine) which did nothing! At this point it was affecting my throat, I called him back & asked if I could take the 25mg prednisolone, this finally gave me relief and again I was hive free! It was around this time that I joined this group. I went to my specialist appointment & he told me all these horrible side effects about prednisolone- like apparently you can grow a hump on your back from weight gain??
He also said depression, mood swings & hunger cravings are all common- Ahhh!!! At the same time I read on this site about the importance of water, I told my specialist and he laughed & said it would guarantee one thing being that I will be going to the toilet a lot more! I also asked about zolair (also info from this site) and he said it’s a very expensive option in Australia costing around $300 a month (for those Australians still reading). He has now put me on a drug called dapsone, I have started taking it for 4 days only because I still slightly feel my pressure urticaria (although I stress no where near as bad as it was), so I figure it’s worth a try, and I continue on one telfast a day (previously I was taking four). I stress that I think the water has definitely given me relief not the dapsone or any of the other drugs.

I just wanted to thank those posting already to let us all know we are not alone & tell my story, I know a lot of you are taking prednisolone and find it well, but I wanted just to share my story to those that truly understand xxx here’s hoping to many more hive free weeks to come!! And if this provides relief to atleast one person then my long winded post is doing more good than harm


Debbie Jayne Stracey Hi so I take you hive free I wish hives Hun i am suffering with them at the moment and well done you hope u are ok now

Bojana Kresovic-Vasic It’s like seeing my self in the mirror. I believe this desease is the worst thing ever. It really ruins ones everydaylife. Thank you for posting, I just drank two glases of water straight up. Hope you stay hive free for a long long time (4ever). And that all of us get to be normal and happy again!!!

Rebecca Kane I’m trying this!!!

Jodi Smith Me too!! And last week i started juicing in the hopes of helping my skin!! Prednisone is awful for its side effects good luck to you!! Xx

John Thurston Yowza- not good at all. Do you scratch them? I use a hairbrush and get to the ‘it hurts so much I can’t feel it itch’ stage with it! Stay strong x

Joanne Penfold Thanks for sharing . I’m doing a juice detox at the moment and drinking lots of water.

James Tan Look a lot like mine but yours is much much worse. I am now hives free for over three months after about a year suffering from this. Not sure this thing would help. I drank lots and lots of water plus took Milk Thirstle + Dandellion Supplement (not sure how this works but it is something about increasing your liver enzyme to metabolises toxin} Normally Doctor does not prescribe this. Just wonder, do you drink?

Maureen Wright I’ve questioned my “lack of” fluid intake – I am lucky if I drink 16-24 ounces of fluid a day and that’s probably on the high side. I never drink with a meal. I’m definitely going to talk to my doctor about it and I AM GOING TO DRINK WATER! I know I’ve been deficient in y fluid intake for years and years!! The hives began in August 2013!

Lauren Bell Thanks everyone, they can get pretty bad! I’m so lucky to have an amazing partner & daughter (even the daughter grabs my hand at times & will tell me to ‘stop itching mum!’ I just can’t believe it’s gone from those photos to literally not a hive insight! Can it be that simple a solution? Feels too good to be true but I’m taking it!!
James Kow Ping Tan yes I do drink, I’ve always denied an association with my hives and drinking, sometimes it would flare up after I had had a few drinks and other times it was fine! I made sure I had my water yesterday & had a few wines with friends last night, just woke up and no hives! I even sat on a hard kitchen chair for too long which would normally give me hives up the back of my hives and they aren’t there! So maybe my pressure hives are starting to sort out too! up the back of my thighs not hives

Jenneke MillsĀ LaurenĀ i am in Australia too and agree when I up my water intake I do get some relief. I agree- prednisone is the best and worst thing in the world all at the same time! Have you been to a natropath? I have to say I’ve been less than impressed with the medical world throughout this journey and have benefited more from the natropath than immunologists and GP’s

Tracee Smith Hi Lauren! I live in SE Queensland and also don’t drink near enough water. I think it’s genetic because my mother grandmother didn’t either lol! I will certainly give it a try though. High doses of prednisone are really nasty – my elderly mum was on 30mg for a couple of years (the doc forgot to reduce the dose!) and when she was admitted to hospital for an unrelated issue, they found five bone fractures. Where in Oz are you? Great weight loss too – I used to be a size 6 but am now looking down the barrel of size 16 . so depressing! I do hope you continue being hive free – best wishes

Bron Neigh The MTHFR gene makes the MTHFR enzyme which essentially breaks down folate. Folate is essential for a multitude of chemical reactions in the body.
There are a couple of well known gene defects that affect this. I have a copy of each defect. I would hazard a guess that majority of us with CU have a MTHFR gene mutation.
It’s very interesting. Australia is slowly catching up but there is a lot of research on this, particularly in the US

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