I have suffered from hives since childhood

So these are my current friends. There are so many new folks, I will share a little background. I have suffered from hives since childhood, and I’m 57 now. Over the years I have looked like each of you at times. Head to toe, swollen lips, eyes, and feet. They have itched, ached and affected my life in many ways.
I have done high dose Prednisone, long term Prednisone, solumetrol infusions, Cyclosporine, hydroxyzine and many others. For the last 10 years I have taken a Fexofenodine a day and seven of those years a zantac. I was hive free, until the end of April, when they reared their ugly head again. I was disappointed, but not shocked. I made the best of my vacation the next week, I had bad days and ok days. I had time to research, join this group and decided I was taking a different approach this time. I am suffering the effects of all those heavy medications over the years, I had finally lost all the weight from the years of Prednisone. I had no desire to go back, but I also have learned over the years that I wasn’t going to live with the hives. So I made an appointment with a Naturopath. Before I was able to get in I did have to go to an Urgent care and get some Prednisone, 12 days worth, starting with 60 mg.. I saw the Naturopath on day 5. I left with a bag of supplements. Search for my earlier posts to see the beginning. I didn’t have to finish the Prednisone. I did not go hive free right away, but they were never totally out of control. Little by little the got better. This is my current routine. I’m still on the high doses of Fexofenodine and I switched over generic pepcid instead of zantac. But I am hive free with the exception of some pressure hives if I have the wrong clothing on. I wear a lot of cotton when hives are active. I have not eliminated any food, but I am making some healthier choices. Friends, I know some of you are miserable and have lost hope.
Please don’t be! You just need to find the answer for you. It’s out there. I am also on Thyroid medication, make sure they check your levels and antibodies. I eventually hope to lower my dosages again, but I have another vacation coming up in October and hope to not have the hives join this one. Feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions or even to vent.


Danielle Douglass I had hives daily until I saw a naturopath! Now I only get a few occasionally and at first sign I use sulfur. I also have some of the same supplements you have pictured along with a few others! I was amazed at how quick and what a difference the supplements made.

Beth Carrier Fye Danielle Thorne There were so many at the beginning, and also liquid ones. She’s helping me with some other health concerns also, so I only posted the hive related ones.

Amy Shinkle I’m also taking what you have in your picture minus the P5P50. I haven’t had hives but I still can get itchy if I eat the wrong foods so I think we still haven’t uncovered the root cause yet but it is progress! Praise God for naturopaths!!!

Beth Carrier Fye Amy Shinkle the P5P50 made a difference. She prescribed at beginning, but due to an error was not included, I noticed a difference after we fixed the error.

Danielle Douglass Amy Shinkle I take sulfur for the itching.

Beth Carrier Fye I take Quercetin for itch when I do have some.

Amy Shinkle Beth Carrier Fye I also take quercetin every day but still get itchy at times. I’ll ask her about p5p50 and sulfur. Thank you guys!

Hilary Matthews Amaya Thank you for sharing!

Robin Marie Puckett Great information…thanks!

Mike Schwieters Thank you for sharing….
My history is the same as yours…now 50 years with hives and everyday hereditary angiooedems

Beth Carrier Fye I hesitate to share how long I’ve fought the battle as I don’t want to frighten the newbies, but my message is never give up.

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