I have suffered from hives since the late 1990s.

I have suffered from hives since the late 1990s. Mine typically occur at night and I have intense itching on the soles of my feet and palms of my hands. I used to take zyrtec but it took hours to feel relief and then I would have been up for hours in the middle of the night miserable from the itching. I weened myself off of zyrtec because I felt my body was becoming dependent on it. I also think my hives are correlated to my hormones as I was hive free for quite some time and then when I became pregnant years ago, my hives returned. I now use claritin and it has worked great and works quickly. But in the last couple of weeks, my hives are worse and I need to take two claritins to get relief. Has anyone experienced this? Do you change your antihistamine routine? I wonder if I need to switch up antihistamines because my body is not responding as well to the claritin and I don’t want to have to take more than the recommended dose.


January Payne When I was like this, Zyrtec, Benadryl and other OTC antihistamines didn’t work. Hydroxyzine, a prescription antihistamine that makes you sleepy, was the only thing that kept me from waking up covered in hives. Eventually I began getting Xolair injections (along with taking Zyrtec daily), and now I no longer need to take hydroxyzine.

Stefanie Wagenfeld Richter I do have hydroxyzine. Do you find that is was fast acting? I only take an antihistimine if i am getting hives (mine happen late at night around 10-12) so I am afraid that the later I take the hydroxizine the more drowsy I will be when it is time to get up at 630am.

January Payne Stefanie Wagenfeld Richter I didn’t wait for the hives to occur to take it. I took it nightly at bedtime so that I wouldn’t wake up covered in them (they were happening every night), and that way I also could plan to stay asleep long enough that I wouldn’t feel so drowsy when I got up. And I should note that I needed about 50-75 mg per night to keep the hives away. Just one tablet (25 mg) wasn’t enough.

Stefanie Wagenfeld Richter Good to know. Mine are unpredictable and don’t occur every night (thankfully) but random for sure. They always come right when I am trying to fall asleep for the most part.

Vanessa Davis Kingrey Yes, I feel like my body builds up a tolerance. So, do switch up and try not to take until a flare starts. Unless, I have a trip, excessive work hours or something important and then I take and try to prevent outbreaks.

Tammy Thomas Suire Di do not ever increase. Claritin works best for.me Next is Allegra. The non drowsy are safer than sedating ones. I use ice packs and aloe Vera gel when the antihistamine is not enough. Increasing dosage has made me need more and more in the past. Then nothing works. I’ve been dealing with this mess for over 30 yrs off and on with years of remissions in between.

Kirasten Dasha A specialty dr I seen recently said that after awhile a certain antihistamine will stop working for a bit, you will notice and once that happens to switch it up to a different brand. This has worked for me so far

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