I have to live on these meds or deal with these hives

I have had my first ever hive break out a little over 3 weeks ago after swimming some laps and sitting in a hot tub. Express clinic gave me a steroid pack and sent me on my way to live in pure agony for 5 days. I was taking Benadryl every 3-4 hours to keep the hives at a minimum. I finally couldn’t handle it anymore and went to ED. Got a steroid shot, stronger oral steroids, Vistaril and Pepcid. 6 hours my hives my completely gone. 2 days after completely stopping all

Meds they started to come back. Since then I’ve been living on Pepcid and Benadryl to keep them at bay. I’m scared, depressed and lost as to what my future will look like if I have to live on these meds or deal with these hives. Here for support and maybe some answers.


Jeni Lyman So sorry. I get hives when sick and then they go away. My daughter has been having hives for 4 months non stop. And it’s been rough but trying all sorts of different treatments. There are some things you can try if they don’t go away like Xolair. Also – we were told to take higher doses of allergy meds . For some people that’s all it takes to make it stop. Have you seen allergy doc yet?

Mandy Bruening Haven’t been to an allergist yet. Waiting a few more weeks to see if they go away. Those pics were when they were at their worst. Right now I’m pretty much hive free but that’s because I’m hopped up on anti histamines.

Brittney Lemelle I’m so sorry.

Lynn Lucas Gould Yes, it’s a very lonely, scary feeling dealing with this condition. You’ll be ok. There’s lots of support here, and some good ideas to help you manage your hives. I’d like to offer you some tips now, keep taking your antihistamines, stay away from aspirin and nsaids for pain relief, they tend to make hives worse. Stick to Tylenol if you can. If you haven’t tried a low histamine diet, you might want to consider it. It’s not a cure, but it can really help manage your flares. Everything on the list should be avoided as much as possible. I know it’s a long list, but it just takes some getting used to, you’re going to be ok.

Mandy Bruening Lynn Lucas Gould I’ve started looking at low antihistamines diets or low fodmap diet… doesn’t look fun! I’m awful with food restrictions but if it makes the hives go away it’s worth a shot!!

Lynn Lucas Gould Mandy Bruening, I agree, it sucks, but it will help you manage the flares. I find if I strictly avoid the things on the list, I can be hive free until my willpower caves in 😂 Then I just get back on the straight and narrow. Try not to stress too much, I know, as if that’s possible, but stress tends to make them worse too. You’ll find your way through this, and what works best for you. Hang in there 😊

Mandy Bruening I stress A LOT! My job doesn’t help, not my 3 year old! Swimming helped me destress now I’m afraid it caused my hives in the first place 😫

Lynn Lucas Gould Mandy Bruening, I’m not sure why we get them either, it could be any number of reasons, but if you’re doing some research, look into leaky gut, in addition to the low histamine diet.

Krista McCarthy Hang in there. Zantac and Zyrtec work best for me. Xolair is maybe working—first shot was last week.

Lauren Bercov Don’t lose hope! Some cases are worse than others. When I had my 1st break out years ago it was out of nowhere and covered my whole body. I had to go through 2 round of steroids plus antihistamines to clear it up. Now my hives only flare up from cold and exercise and are manageable with Allegra. I know it sounds cliche, but try to stay positive. 

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