I have tried traditional meds like steroids and tons of different antihistamine for hives

I have had awful hives for the past 7 weeks, have tried traditional meds like steroids and tons of different antihistamines… nothing has worked until now.. or at least I hope I’m right.. Here is what I have done that has I think helped..

  1. Go to a functional medicine doctor ( they treat the whole body)
  2. Detox, eat Whole Foods,
  3. No gluten, no dairy, no eggs
  4. Celery juice every morning
  5. Loads of vitamin c ( I do powder in water, it’s a natural antihistamine)
  6. Eat low histamine foods (look online for list)
  7. Elimination diet.. stop eating what you normally eat and try different healthy foods..
  8. I still take Allegra and Ranitidine daily, but am down to once a day instead of twice a day..
  9. Stay away from googling horror stories!
  10. This all sucks to the core, but our bodies are telling us something is wrong. I don’t believe it when the doctors say they have no clue why it’s happening, I refuse to believe that.. our bodies know something is wrong and I know we can figure it out!

I have tried traditional meds like steroids and tons of different antihistamine for hives


Bella Mason Good for you girl! I refuse to believe them as well! I’m still on the rough search trip… boy I hope I find my triggers one day!

Cheryl Louise Mine are exactly like this currently. I’m at the beginning of the road but I had this last year and put it down to a random one off. But looks like this is something I will suffer with. Long road!!
Thanks for your post I will look at trying some things.

Glenn Stewart I’m on only 1/2 Xyzal a day and eating everything wrong. But this time of year I’m usually ok. But other times nothing works.

Paula Rigley It’s from an overburdened liver that sends out derma toxins to the skin.
You have to heal from the inside
No eggs as these feed viruses also no gluten and dairy
Celery juice every morning. 2 bunches produces 16 oz
It’s all down to nutrition
I’ve learnt all my information from Anthony Williams aka medical medium!
Like his Facebook page and learn how to heal your body. You won’t look back.

Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer Great job! I agree completely. Listen to your body instead of looking for the quick fix pill. Unfortunately our doctors are not trained to find the cause they are trained to treat the symptoms. The holistic approach gets to the root cause.

Lisa Orsi You are on the right track. Meds are a bandaid. I have been healing and dealing with this med free for 10 years. My symptoms have improved so much. Please be patient with anything you try. Give it years, not weeks. Your body has been abused for decades (standard American diet, chemical exposure, pesticide toxicity) nothing will fix it in a short time. Stay the course. You body will heal, it is always in a state of repair if given the proper

Cammie Louise Celery juice helped me too

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