I have yet to find the reason that I have hives.

Hi all. Has anyone gotten the influenza vaccine this year. Did it cause you to have worse hives? I have yet to find the reason that I have hives. I’ve had them for almost two years now and just wondered if they happen to be caused by something auto immune that the shot could cause me problems. I normally get one every year and have never had a problem but I skipped last year and haven’t gotten it this year due to me breaking out all of the time. My Dr says I can get it but I’m looking for personal experiences. Thanks.


Brandy Burns It didn’t effect them one way or the other

Dana McGowan Same

Anne Watson I had mine in October no reaction to it other than a hive at the actual injection site. But I get one no matter what jab I have. I have b12 ever 12 weeks and bloods done every 16 weeks and always get a single hive then the next day one in exact same spot on opposite arm!

David Buhl I get one every year. My hives started in August, got my shot in October, no change

Karen Burns I get one every year. It does not effect my hives which I have almost every day.

Nicole Stromath I had it in September, went into remission in November. I doubt the jab contributed.

Michelle Paschal Thank you all.

Jen Yankauskas I get my flu shot every year. I Don’t see any change in my hives.

Rhiannon Storie I have a reaction to every and any shot I’ve gotten since I started breaking out in 2004. I personally will not get any ever again. You are better off taking lots if Vitamins C and D and just strengthen your immune system naturally than take the chance off a bad reaction from something in the shot. And I wouldn’t be surprised if your doctor told you it was ok because he or she doesn’t know if it will cause a reation. If they can’t tell you what causes the hives, how can they honestly say the flu shot won’t cause more?

Debbie Weimer I got the vaccine and I didn’t notice any difference with the hives.

Jennifer Jahn I’ve been told by my doctor that live vaccines may cause problems. Then of course, depending on what kind of hives you get, possible that you may get a hive at the injection site for a while. (Not positive, but I don’t think the injection is live, but the nasal spray is.)

Melody Matthews Skipped it this year for the first time. Got the flu which turned into pneumonia.It never affected my hives when I got it.

Evelyn Brethour Took it in October without any ill effects. My IgG is very low, and I can’t really afford to get a respiratory or sinus infection. I was just told my new doctor is swamped with flu patients, so if I can wait until next week… Hate the thought of going to a “sick” office.

Kirsty Kirkwood I had mine done under observation in the allergy clinic .

Linda Cooper Daubert I get the shot every year no effect on my hives

Kathy Schmitt Search the page for flu and every discussion on the topic will come up

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