I hope all of you lovely people are staying positive

I hope all of you lovely people are staying positive (not matter how itchy you maybe!!). I’ve been seeing posts on this group about doctors that are not cooperative with dealing with CIU. I just wanted to reaffirm DO NOT stop looking for a fantastic doctor until YOU are satisfied. You DESERVE the best quality of care, someone who will listen to your problems, investigate them and try and work out a plan! I am so very blessed to have an amazing allergist at the moment but I can very much understand the hassle of having a horrible doctor- stress will not help your situation at all. Everyone take a deep breath and have a fabulous day!


Anne Camille Jongleux Chronically fabulous! Love it!

Becky Pearson I love this picture! I made it my cover photo

Lina Ibarra Darnell Oh yes I love this!

Sue Elshire Hargrave ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Jan Monahan Oh so true!!!

Debbie Jayne Stracey Absolutely

Cammie Wendling Thanks, going to be doing a change soon. My insurance company has been a great help also approving any Dr out of network if needed.


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