I just easily did this with my fingernail.

did this with my fingernail

Two years ago the dermatologist diagnosed me with Urticaria just by a simple scratch test. I just easily did this with my fingernail. Weird.
Well after researching and researching, I have found the cause of my Urticaria, are you ready?
Mast Cell Activation disorder. This is my problem.
Yes I’m my own doctor.


LORETTA MORSE LEIGHTON There are several docs who can diagnose this through blood and urine tests as well as skin biopsy in some cases

NATALIE FRANKLIN Never heard of that, what is it exactly?

KATHRYN SHIPONE Read on it thru Google and a hematologist or an immunologist can diagnose it for us

MELISSA ANN COATS Why do you think you have MCAD? I was tested thoroughly for MCAD/MCAS and Mastocytosis

DANI MARIE NIEMI Sometimes you have to be your own doctor. I’m frustrated myself. Charge me 150$ for a biopsy and to tell me nothing but just hives

JENNIFER SERRANO LYLE I have Chronic Urticaria! 3 years now but i’m doing sooo much better now that I am my own doctor and healing my gut. Diatomaceous Earth helps as does Apple Cider Vinegar shots and a histamine free diet.

EVE DANIELLE PAULETTE had hives . for a few months.. did an atkins style diet.. hated the diet.. but it cleared weight loss.


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