I just want my life back from this hives

These things are so weird! Forever changing shape. I hate these ones on hot summer days. People always ask me if I’ve looked into ring worm and fungal infections because the round ones do resemble ring worm sometimes. I try and not get too down when people stare but covered in these things, itchy and in pain, it’s hard to keep your chin up sometimes. I just want my life back.


Carm Smith I’m only hitting the like button because I don’t have a dislike to tell you that I so sorry for you too! Sending hugs your way. I’m there too. Ugh. Seriously angry looking hives though

Avshalomov Debbie I am so sorry for you…it look nasty

Jacqui Todd I feel the same as you today, wishing my life was back to normal. xx

Sharon Vollrath Me too- having another really bad day. I feel so bad for you. Some days you don’t know how you could go on with this body! Holding out for better days!

Lisa Arévalos People have good intentions but I really dislike when they ask if I tried benadryl.
I wish you and everyone else a hive free day and life.

Sue Elshire Hargrave The principal at my school made me go home from teaching, as she was sure I had ringworm. I told her it was CIU. She didn’t believe me, and wouldn’t let me come back until I had a doctors notice that proved I had CIU. It took 3 days to get an appointment, and I lost 3 sick leave days due to it. She still didn’t believe me, and would comment often about how if I was going to teach children, I would need to cover up! She, obviously, was not my favorite person in the world! I asked to set up a meeting to explain it to her, and she refused. What in the world??? Thank goodness she didn’t last another year! Heavy sigh. I’ve had the same experience at the swimming pool. I wanted to find some sort of big sign to wear explaining that I wasn’t contagious! Now, I just roll with it, and it slides right off, and I take every opportunity to tell people about it, if they are open to it. It’s all about education.

Carm Smith This Principal sounds like almost they are harassing you. They force you off work and penalize you yet they have been clearly informed that this is true medical condition that is not contagious. Call them on it., put it in writing, and if you have a union, cc them and as well, get read receipts for everything, believe it or not, call a lawyer as well. Been there! They do not make other people who have disabilities or medical conditions cover up? Do they make burn victims mandatory to cover up while teaching or anyone else that has not that, but perhaps a skin condition like Vitiligo. This is one issue that really burns my beans! Even you can educate the parents but a Principal should not be so ignorant.

Sue Elshire Hargrave Oh, she was definitely harassing me, and I did call her on it, and the district was very supportive of me. It’s just the idea that I would purposefully go to teach covered with ringworm? That alone made me so sad! I so agree! She was ignorant, and she is gone from our district. It was a very difficult decision to take it to administration higher than her. The process was grueling, and in that process, it turned out that she hadn’t done her due process for others with disabilities….and the district knew nothing about it. Her comment to me when I was in the wheelchair and wanted to come back and teach in it (which I did!) was, “We don’t put quadriplegics on the professional basketball court”. Last straw for me! I felt really guilty about it for awhile, and then I got over it when I found out I wasn’t the only person who had issues/disabilities that she had mistreated.

Carm Smith Damn straight! Good for you Sue Elshire Hargrave. I don’t think my some of my coworkers and some of the management even believe I have this…until I show it to them or my face is swollen

Sue Elshire Hargrave Day after day of pictures will allow some to be believers. We cover it all so well with clothing. Education. The world needs it!

Yolanda Q Metcalf I have hives in the same place also swellen

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