I just want to relieve the itch and stinging

What do people use for topical when the hives get on your face? Nothing works that I’ve tried! edit, just want to relieve the itch and stinging, since nothing is getting rid of them except time.


Carol Mark Rollo Ice pack😬 Dermacool straight from the fridge ( keep away from eyes though) Hope you feel better soon

Autumn Lee I couldn’t take it when I got to my face. I started doing intermittent fasting and I bought a blend of emu oil and vitamin E oil on Amazon. I have been Hive free for months

Chaundra Carrico Bailey what about the fasting provides relief do you think? none of the meds are working yet. Not even prednisone. But who knows, maybe it would be worse if I was off of them!

Autumn Lee Chaundra Carrico Bailey I was told that the fasting allows the liver to rest and process. I ate every day between 2 and 6 pm. Sometimes I shifted it by an hour or so if I was meeting friends. During that hour I just was sure to eat Whole Foods and skipped out on sugar. Honestly, it did not take long to see results. I was at the point of trying to accept the fact that my face was going to be permanently scarred.Its not!

Autumn Lee LR McGarrah, I could not agree more! I know all my autoimmune issues are connected. I’m so glad you’re seeing some good results! It really shocked me how easy the intermittent fasting was. I’m a big girl and I’ve had my food issues. There was something mentally and physically clearing about only eating within that time frame everyday. I think my mind and my body became dependent on that. Lots of great information out there on YouTube on intermittent fasting as well. I wish you great success!!!

Franca St. Cyr Gravel The only thing that would work for me is Prednisone. I hope you get relief soon.

Megan Hassan-Shaw I use aloe vera when it’s bad, slap it on in-between steroid cream I have. It’s cooling and takes the itch away for a bit. Hope your ok.

Shannon Moya Have you seen a doctor? Not for nothing but the area on your neck) chest looks like psoriasis.

Janice McClurg Xolair

Tea Angier Xolair every 2 weeks. And fexofedine keep a my hives and swelling of the face and appendages from being bad! But as for topical I do have a prescribed cream that works fairly well!! Before xolair started working I had to up the ante from prednisone and took methylprednisoline.
Ice backs help numb the skin and takes away itch.

Chaundra Carrico Bailey Already taking Zyrtec x4, singulair, rantadine and 2 xolair shots as well as a prednisone taper pack. Also had s biopsy last week to check for vasculitis. I had pink stuff calamine lotion on but it barely does anything.

Jennifer Wallevand Absolutely ice packs. Nothing else works. I apply an ice pack in 10 to 15 second increments, wait a minute and repeat for about 45 minutes…then they are mostly gone

Britney Llewellyn I use rice bran oil with essential oils mixed in. It’s perfection.

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