I know sometimes we lose hope.

hives medicine

I know sometimes we lose hope, I know we feel like no one understands, because in reality they really don’t.. But let’s keep positive and hope it gets better.


MARY ANN DEGLOPPER QUIROZ I put uncooked oatmeal in a sock and tie it and throw it in the bathtub …easy homemade oatmeal bath .

KATHRYN SHAW Baking soda constantly.

KIRI LYN GLENN Biofreeze. Nothing else ever helped with the itching

JORDAN CHAMBERS If you do research you will find out that cold and hives are not good no matter if it feels like relief it’s actually an irritant for the reaction it’s self. Cold uticaria is a real thing as I live with it. Cold is bad. And no drugs will help you have to control your enviroment and be very aware and keep all foods simple no processed foods, no gluten, no sugars. And no airconditioning and no scents and it’s deal able. As well if your wondering what kind of hives you have and have done the proper eliminations. Next step is to go get 5 point pinning done in your ears by a professional and that will clear your mind and the hives will sort themselves either out of your body or determine if it’s more cold uticaria then stress hives. Which are more common then people think. I wish mine were only stress. Cold uticaria is hell but there is nooooo drug that will heal it. You must pay attention and not look for the quick fix with medications that only cover the issues. Aveeno is a amazing product for sensitive skin. But please stop doin cold for hives. Look up histamine triggers as your body eventually goes into high drive with hives. Cold activates that. We have to stop passing along things that will cause people to react more…. even if it feels like relief when it isn’t in the long run.

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